Six Flags over Georgia 4/9

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This was my first time in a Six Flags park. I went with my 2 kids(15 and 10).

Got to the park before it opened so we could get to ride Goliath right away. 5 minute wait. Overall this is a great coaster with a lot of airtime. 8/10. We skipped georgia scorcher as I don't really like stand up coasters and my daughter doesn't care for them either.

Great American Scream Machine: Good fun for a coaster that is so old. Worth the 30 minute wait 7/10. Ninja: Waste of time. Painful to ride 4/10. Superman: 45 min wait. Great loop but nothing too exciting besides that element 7/10. Batman the ride: 45 min wait Short but very intense and good pacing 8/10. Mindbender: 1 hour wait Surprisingly great. Didn't expect it to be so good. Back seat ride really pulls some g's on the loops. 8/10. Didn't ride acrophobia or Georgia cyclone.

Got a night ride on Goliath before we left. 2 hour wait but worth it!

As far as the park goes:

At one of the carnival games the girl didn't have change for a $20 bill so no one without exact change could play until her supervisor got there to help. I found a couple of dollar bills to let my son play but this struck me as very poor operations. The employees at the park really do seem lazy and not interested in being there.

Lines were very long and it seemed like it was because of the loading times. 2 train operation on most coasters but very slow employees made the waits much longer. I've been to CP and they are MUCH faster.

There were tons of teenagers all over the place, 'cause of spring break I'm sure. Most cursed in line and had absolutely no manners. my daughter is 15 and I would disown her if I found out she behaved liked that with her friends. Makes me proud I have level headed, decent children.

The park had no atmosphere whatsoever. Seemed like it was just a collection of coasters with no service or "vibe" to the place. CP, HP. IOA, WDW, SWO, and even King's Island had a different feel. Didn't really feel like you were "getting away from it all".

Had lunch at Panda Express. $3.50 for bottled water!! $42 for the meal for the three of us. Kind of steep, I think.

Overall the park has some really good coaster but it's kind of like a pretty girl with no personality. There's something missing! I can see why they are having so many financial difficulties. I doubt their employees get paid much less than any other quality park. I think the other parks just create a different culture and have different standards for their employees. If you demand and expect quality from the staff the employees will respond. Obviously, Six Flags doesn't subscribe to this theory.

I've been down there twice this season and both times waits were very doable (the longest we waited, by far, was 45 minutes for Mindbender, and only because the ride was closed for 20 minutes as they were adding a second train), so I'll make sure and keep this report in mind if I have any inclination to go during Spring Break! 2 hours for!

I agree with you on your assessment of the coasters and about some of the employees motivation, although I will say that many of the employees also are extremely friendly and some have really gone out of their way to help make our experiences better. I think they have, as a whole, really made huge strides in that area.

Thank you sharing the report!

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$42 for the meal for the three of us. Kind of steep, I think.

That's IS steep. I don't know what I will do if I ever have kids and take then to a park or game.

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eightdotthree said:

$42 for the meal for the three of us. Kind of steep, I think.

That's IS steep. I don't know what I will do if I ever have kids and take then to a park or game.

Pack a cooler in the trunk at the back of the lot just south of where the gas station was are some picnic tables.There is a tram stop here too so park near when entering park and you won't have to move car.

Have a picnic then go to a nice place for dinner on the way home and still save from eating in park

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Strange thing was that when we got off at 9pm it was still an hour wait for those furthest back in the line. the park was supposed to close at 8pm. Shouldn't they have cut the line off sooner so it wouldn't take 'til 10pm to close? Good for the people in line but seems like to long time to keep a ride open after the park should be closed.

$10 for 4 ounces of chicken, mixed vegetables, and white rice is ridiculous, not to mention the water bottle prices. I'm going to CP for 4 days in June and i think i'll do the cooler thing at the parking lot. Also, I think I'll but some large therrmos containers and heat up some food before we go and put it in the containers for lunchtime. I'll be renting a condo in the area or staying in a hotel with a fridge and microwave.

the food is really what kills you when you go to these parks. I took almonds in my pocket and a protein bar. Still, I'm in the fitness field and eat 7 times a day(bodyfat is 6%) so it's hard to be in a park all day. Plus, I'm not going to make my kids put food in their pockets to save money. The cooler/thermos idea could save me a ton of money on the next trip.

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I love it when a park keeps their lines open until the park closes! Cedar Point does this and one of my best experiences there was during Millennium Force's opening season. My friends and I were getting off of the ride at around closing time and were able to get back into line (2 hours long) and ride again. With Kennywood it's a crap shoot on when you should get to Phantom's Revenge for a night ride cause you never know when they are going to close the line.

I love when the parks keep the lines open as well. If you are stating that the park is open until...say 9, then the lines should be open until 9. Only makes sense to me. Plus, it's always fun to get the last train of the night. Dorney Park is great about that. Six Flags is a little trickier because sometimes they say they're going to stay open until a certain time and then they just shut the park down early without warning.

I finally got to have the fabled Panda Express at Great Adventure on my last trip, and while it WAS tasty, I was absolutely shocked at the price. Not only can you get a "small" size of Chinese food for less, you can get quart sizes or COMBOS for less than that in the non-amusement park world. This was the first time I was absolutely appalled by the prices at Great Adventure for food (before, my disgust was only reserved for the parking and lockers. LOL). I hope Six Flags maybe looks at this at some point and makes some changes...

I have never been to that Six Flags (or any other Six Flags other than GrAdv for that matter), but I've almost never had a problem with the employees being less than friendly or efficient. Twice, tops. I hope that your Six Flags days are not over from the lackluster service.

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Can anyone name a SF or CF park without a Panda Express??

Wow, $10 for the chicken bowl is a rip off. At SFMM, the chicken bowl with a medium drink is around $9. I think that is a rip off too, but at least you get a drink with it and it is about $1.00 cheaper. It almost makes the 2 item combo which includes a medium drink for $10.62 seem somewhat decent. Don't get me wrong, I know those prices are still high, but at least they aren't as bad as some other SF parks.

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The one time I went to SFoG after Goliath had opened, they closed the line 20 minutes before the park closed and I lost my night ride. :'(

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Strange... I went to SFoG last year during Spring Break and the park was relatively dead.... Longest wait was 40 minutes for Goliath.

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