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I just got home from a [great] trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. It really was one of the best times I've had at any park. I really don't remember the exact order in which we rode the coasters, but I guess it really doesn't matter.

Anyways...My rating scale is 1-10, with ten being awesome and 1 being, well, you know.

[Arrive at Park :: 12:15pm est]
The first matter of the day was getting my friend Matt's season pass processed. This took a whole five minutes, which pleased (as well as surprised) us. We entered the park through the door by the lockers near the Scorcher, and thus our fun began.

We started off being a little worried about crowds and rain, but neither were a problem at all. In fact, by about one o'clock, the sky was blue with few clouds. Our first ride of the day (and 2003) was Batman, since the Scorcher was closed at that time.

[Batman: The Ride]
Batman was running great today. It didn't seem any faster than normal, but did (somehow) seem more intense than usual. Maybe it was just that we hadn't ridden anything for a few months. Oh yeah, and this was a walk on for the back row).
{Rating: 7.5/10}

We thought about checking to see if Scorcher was open now, but decided instead to take a spin on...

Lets just say that this ride was not up to its usual standards. The trim brakes totally ruined the experience (surprise, surprise). Normally, this ride would be at least a 7 on my scale but today it got a...

Scorcher still isn't open, so we make the trek over to Superman. I hate walking all the way back to the Lickskilley area, its too isolated. There needs to be some direct route from the bumper cars area to somewhere around Acro.

[Superman: Ultimate Flight]
I was incredibly impressed with this ride the first time I rode it back in April 2002, but now it just seems kinda boring, albeit the pretzel loop. That pretzel is five seconds of pure ectasy. After that, Superman didn't seem to ultimate. It was slightly more fun than Batman, though.

Lunchtime! We stopped for chicken at Dee Jay's Diner, and saved a few bucks with our season passes. The sandwiches were sup par, as were the fries, so the best eatery at SFOG for me is still the Miner's Cookhouse. Next stop was Acrophobia.

Acrophobia is definitely my second favorite ride in the park. Deja Vu is better, but Acro is definitely fun. Especially when its a walk on like today. Its still just as fun as the first time.

Acrophobia put us on a slight high, so we decided to go ahead and hop on the Georgia Scorcher, since it was open by then.

The Georgia Scorcher is still the only standup coaster I've ridden, but I'll soon be able to compare it with the likes of Riddler's Revenge and Mantis. It was definitely fun, but not quite intense enough, and a little too forceless; moreso than is normal.

After this, the day was a bit of a blur, but there was never a long wait for anything. In fact, the only non-walk on ride today was the...

[Great American Scream Machine]
This classic woodie is celebrating is 30th birthday this year, and thankfully, Six Flags has fixed the numerous potholes on the track. It is much, much, much more enjoyable without them. However, there didn't seem to be as much ejector air as I remember.

[Georgia Cyclone]
This monster more than made up for the lack of airtime on GASM. Two words: 'No Trims.' It ran faster than I've ever seen it, and man, was it great.

All in all, despite a few disappointing rides, this day was incredible. The crowds wever never, ever too heavy, and everything was a walk on, or very near to it.

[List of Improvements etc for 2003]
+GASM retracking and new paint on the trains
+Season pass holders get a Six Flags Over Georgia calendar with coupons instead of a booklet
+Party Gras
+Actual pictures of the real SUF on the brochures
+Bigger seats for SUF
+MUCH MUCH better customer service
--I just have to comment on this one, the ride ops and other park staff were doing a great job. They interacted with the crowds, and made the day more entertaining.

Thats all the improvements I could think of.
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The trims are on, you just don't feel them if they don't trim much...

Glad you had a good time, the real test of customer service is how things are holding up in the summertime.

Is that a Q-bot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

As I said in another post, there were NO trims on Georgia Cyclone. None at all.
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Yep, they are always on: except the first few cycles each time the controller is restarted (in the automatic mode). The brakes weren't being felt because a.) the train was travelling slowly anyway, or b.) you couldn't feel them because they weren't trimming much.

Is that a Q-bot in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

So what's up with that rating system? Do you really think Acrophobia is .6 better than Superman? ;)
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What was up with deja vu? with the rumors about the other two and all, thought i would ask.
PT300 - Yep! I do think Acrophobia is better than Superman, and Deja Vu is better than Acrophobia.

coasterferret - I heard that Deja Vu won't open til sometime in May, possibly because of temperature issues. The temperature thing sounded a little extreme to me, though.

PT300- What are you talking about. He gave Superman under a 1 ;) He gace it 8.2 out of 110.

Sean Newman
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General Public,

You're incorrect, the trims were 100% off both Sat and Sun all day. There was NO noise coming from them when the train passed over (something that would happen had they been hitting) and zero slow down. They were wide open all weekend, and Cyclone surprised MANY people from out of town that were with me!

"No honey, the monkeys have already done enough damage on this trip." - Guy coming out of front gate at SFGAd

The temperature issue shouldn't be a problem down there. The cut-off for whether or not it would run here at SFGAm is 55 degrees. It should stay warmer than that for the rest of the season down there.
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SFGAm has been able to run DejaVu reliably under 55 degrees. It ran on the bonus weekend last year when it was in the 40's.


Laugh your troubles away at Riverview, the world's largest amusement park.

You're right I completely forgot that I had ridden it at Last Blast.
All who think Mean Streak needs a match taken to it say I.
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Tempted to say I don't think the only delay with DV is temperature-related....I am guessing (as per usual, LOL), but thinking that perhaps SF is thinking of doing *something* about the capacity issues...wasn't there something going on with SFMM's a little while ago, train work or *impression* is that DV is sill "a work in progress"...
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I've ridden both Georgia Scorcher and Mantis, I liked mantis better. The ride ops on Scorcher, when I rode it last year were terrible. The locked the seats with my knees bent, I rode on my crotch the whole time! OUCH! Mantis isn't perfect either and I generally don't like stand-ups that much. But the ride ops did a MUCH better job of getting the riders in position before locking the seats.


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