Six Flags Over Georgia 4/14/06!

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I just got back from a week in Cozumel. Last Friday I spent a day layover at SFOG. I chose this over the aquarium after reading nightmare reviews of the aquarium crowds online. I’m very glad I made the choice I did.

My goal for the day was to please my son and wife. I’ve done this park multiple times so hitting all the rides was secondary. I hoped to get on Goliath and the two woodies and spend the rest of the day catering to my boy.

We got there at opening and were greeted by no less than 10 costumed characters in the small main street section. This made my 2-year-old son quite pleased. On first impression the park was freshly painted (sans The Scorcher) and frankly looked great throughout.

I did not do a lot of the big stuff due to the limitations involved with touring with a 2-year-old. Rather than bore you with minute by minute details…here is my shoot from the hip assessment of things that mattered to me…

Goliath: This ride could not help but be a winner for me. I love Apollo’s Chariot and expected much of the same here. It has great floater air, an exciting turn-around, and nice height. Everybody getting off the ride seemed to love it. The staff was fast and the cycles seemed above average. I can not see how anybody could not like Goliath.

Georgia Cyclone: Another in a long list of neglected woodies…In the early to mid nineties I would have called this baby a top ten. Now it is a shell of its former self. It only attracts crowds due to its location. I would not be schocked if this valleys soon.

The Great America Scream Machine: This was the surprise of the day. I rode it 2 years go and remembered it much as the current Cyclone. What a difference this time. It was quick and smooth with a couple of nice air pops and extreme speed into the final brake run. As a woodie lover and out-and-back aficionado…I can only say how pleased I am that this ride now runs as good as it looks!

Acrophobia: My new favorite drop ride. I’ve skipped this the past few times but caught a short line while my chicken wife stayed back!

Restrooms: Indeed they were staffed with a person at each one. They were clean and very un-Six Flagslike.

Kiddie Areas: Small and cramped, but everything looked great and the staff were nice and efficient.

Food: I had a stale and nasty barbecue sandwich. I can't vouch for the rest!

Bottom Line: I’ve got nothing too negative to say (and lord knows I would if I could). All rides I rode were maximum trains and efficiently dispatched. The rides I skipped seemed to be at full capacity. The park was clean and the staff was overly friendly. My son and wife left happy as did I. This trip compared well with a day at Kings Island or Cedar Point. Given most of my previous Six Flags trips, I would say this was a major step in the right direction.

Scam Alert: There is a parking lot right next to the main entrance that had dressed employees that I assumed was Six Flags related. They charge the same $15 fee but do not allow re-entry. If you plan to leave and come back…make sure you don’t get the private lot! *** Edited 4/17/2006 1:12:44 AM UTC by Jeffrey R Smith***

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SFOG has always been one of the 'better' SF parks, but it still sounds like they're delivering. Like everyone else, here's to hoping it keeps up for the season because they're clearly on the right track.

We always use that private lot when we visit SFOG - never knew you couldn't pull a re-entry. I'm surprised they stopped at $15, matching the park. In years past it was always something like $2 more ($12 vs the park's $10).

Jeffrey I'm one of the people who gave you the advice to check out Goliath and SFOG while you were in ATL. I'm glad it worked out for you! Yes GC has turned into a pile unfortunately.

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Glad you enjoyed your day at SFOG. Sounds like you ate at Miner's Cookhouse which is either ok or poor on any given day, sorry you hit it on a poor day. At least I HOPE it wasn't Daddy-O's, the new BBQ joint near GOLIATH. As for the staff on GOLIATH, twice they have hit theoretical capacity and their goal is to break it and I think they can do it. One of these days..

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I’m glad to hear this positive report. I’ll be making my first trip to SFOG in June, I’ve always loved Raging Bull and have been anxious to try another coaster of that style.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

It indeed was the Miner's Cookhouse! Avoid this place if you are there!
I spent a day at SFOG just a few days ago...

Cyclone: I don't see how it could valley. It seemed pretty fast paced to me. Especially in the back seat. The turn around before the on-ride photo was VERY fast. the drop after that gave me extreme ejector air.

Goliath: very nice summary. The crew in the morning was extremely active and, although it seemed to take forever to put a second train on, moved the line very quickly.

Everybody was indeed extremely excited as goliath is the tallest coaster most of them have ever riden. I heard the op on the speakers say that Goliath was already at the top of many enthusiasts lists, comparing it to MF and S:ROS. I was wondering if any people in the GP have heard of MF and S:ROS.

Food: I can't remember the name of the place I ate at. It was right across from cyclone and served philly cheese steak sandwhiches which weren't very good after 25 minutes in line.

I found it extremely hard to buy a drink without waiting for 30 minutes. What happened to the "if a vendor sells four drinks in an hour, they've paid for themselves" or whatever it was? Every stand had lines that stretched across the midway.

There where several drink machines, but of the four near goliath, 3 were sold out and one wouldnt take dollars. So I went to the shop near by but the cashier said she didn't have $3 in change after a whole days sales.

I've never quite understood the parking deal with SFOG. I was quite surprised at Spring Fling last year (yea, I'll be back there this weekend!) that the hotels in the area, including the Wingate Inn where I stayed, sell unused spots for parking. There are also a couple other entities that apparently held on to their property and sell parking spots.

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