Six Flags Over Georgia- 4-8-01

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Friday, April 13, 2001 6:43 PM
I'll do this trip report a bit differently. I will tell my agenda then give ratings and comments.
Six Flags Over Georgia
Date:April 4th, 2001
Time in Park:10 hours, 15 minutes
Coasters Ridden/Coasters in Park8/8

-Entered park 9:45 AM
-Rode Georgia Cyclone very back seat
-Rode Georgia Scorcher near front
-Rode Mindbender near back
-Rode Batman in last seat
-Got Lo-Q
-Rode Georgia Cyclone in front seat
-Ate lunch at some burger place heck I can't remember the name of it
-Rode the Great Gasp parachute drop
-Rode Viper
-Rode Great American Scream Machine in last seat
-Rode Ninja in last seat
-Rode skyride
-Rode Georgia Scorcher in last seat
-Rode Mindbender in last seat
-Rode Batman
-Rode Viper
-Rode Great American Scream Machine in last seat
-Rode Georgia Cyclone near back
-Rode Mindbender in very front seat
-Rode Georgia Cyclone in middle
-Rode Mindbender near back
-Rode Mindbender in very front seat
-Turned in Lo-Q and exited park

Coaster Ratings (scale of 1-10)

Mindbender- 10
I am now a Schwarzkopf fan for life. Mindbender is the fifth coaster I've been on to receive a perfect 10, the others being Millennium Force, Apollo's Chariot, Volcano, and Top Gun: The Jetcoaster. The G forces are insane, the loops are great, and the airtime is magnificant. Once I was riding alone and I was thrown sideways and up and almost out of the car. My hat floated out from underneath me. I rode this 5 times including the traditional last ride of the trip, in the front seat at closing time.

Georgia Cyclone- 9 *Favorite Wooden Coaster*
This coaster threw me out of my seat more times than I could count. The best part was it threw me sideways at the same time so that I was scrambling to grab ahold of something. This is the first wooden I've been on to give a rating of 9 or above. A wild ride from start to finish.

Batman: The Ride- 8
Whoa now hold up a minute. Was this the inverted that I'd heard wasn't that great? Blew Raptor out of the water and I would tie it with Alpengeist only because of Alpengeist's size and looks. Batman may have been short, but it packed an incredible punch and was very smooth. Plus, it had 2 vertical loops. I love vertical loops.

Viper- 8
Yet another surprise from Schwarzkopf. Why oh why did Carowinds remove White Lightnin'? The start was great, the loop was good, and the hangtime on the tower was sweet. Also, like Mindbender, no over the should restraints!

Georgia Scorcher- 7
I was expecting a tad bit more but it was still a very fun ride. Leaps and bounds ahead of Shockwave and Vortex, but I like Mantis a bit better. The first drop and the loop rocked.

Great American Scream Machine- 7
Thanks to Lo-Q I rode this both times in the back seat. Take out the back breakers at the bottom of each hill and this could be the perfect coaster. The airtime was excellent and it had length, but it was a bit painful. The last hill threw me wayy out of my seat but then it hit the brakes very fast and my stomach ingulphed the lapbar. That was my fault though. I was prepared the second time.

Ninja- 6.5

I'd heard so many things about this coaster I actually hesitated to ride it. I took the back seat with Lo-Q, and like other rides, I found that when you are expecting something bad the ride usually turns out to be good. I fought with the coaster to keep my head from slamming into the otsr, and it didn't hit much. I enjoyed this coaster more than I thought I would.

Dahlonega Mine Train- 5

Hey, its a mine train what do you expect. Well let me tell you, it was a good mine train. I actually caught some air a few times. The last straight drop came unexpected as well.

VuLcAn's Thoughts

Six Flags Over Georgia was a wonderful park. None of the coasters were bad and the Mindbender and Cyclone blew me away. Lo-Q was great even with the hefty price (cost 15 bucks for 2 people to use), and the park was looking beautiful. Deja Vu and Acrophobia were finished trackwise and tower wise, and they will be great when they open. I am hoping to get back later this year to ride the new rides and also I suspect Mindbender will be even better with all the leaves on the trees around it. Look for 100 new photos coming to soon!

"I traded my soul for a ride on Millennium Force"
Saturday, April 14, 2001 1:19 PM
What's Lo-Q?
Saturday, April 14, 2001 1:29 PM
Lo-Q is similar to Disney's Fast Pass. For extra money you buy a "bot" that you can scan at some of the most popular rides. The scanner tells you what time to come back to that ride. You come back at that time and immediately get on.

"I traded my soul for a ride on Millennium Force"
Sunday, April 15, 2001 9:20 AM
Oh...don't know the details of Lo-Q, but the fast pass idea is one that needs to die. I've never seen a worse policy at any park I've been to. But since they charge money to use it, I have to put it on my "that sucks" list.

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