Six Flags Over Georgia - Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Left Charlotte early Sunday morning, rolled into Atlanta around 9:30. Grabbed some breakfast and got to SFOG a few minutes after the 10:30 opening. Again, forecast called for thunderstorms, and the morning was cloudy. Got nothing except for a random 5-minute rain in the late afternoon.

Went to Dare Devil Dive first. 100% vertical lifts are so unnatural....otherwise a fun ride to start the day, pretty well paced, but not oustanding. Kept going back and did Batman, twice since it was a walk-on. Smooth. Next was Mind Bender. Excellent ride! Uses the terrain well. Liked this one a lot....good classic coaster.

Then came Goliath. Figured I'd be spoiled a bit after riding Intimidator the day before....ha, not really, there's enough differences between the two. Enjoyed the series of bunny hops near the end. Now working towards the back, and got on the new megaswing Sky Screamer, about a 40 minute wait. Personally I felt safe, but can see why others feel otherwise. Nice that you get a pretty long cycle.

Shortly thereafter, I was attacked by Ninja....ouch. The headchoppers are insane to look at, otherwise, OUCH, even though my head was nearly fully above the OTSR's. Aren't ninjas supposed to be stealthy? :-) Moving on to Superman. I enjoy these, the G's in the pretzel loop is the best part. Also kept my Superman fist pump pose for the whole ride, heh. Went back for Great American Scream Machine. Airtime aplenty, just a bit of roughness, kept me smiling the whole way through. Whee!

Almost done circling the park. Did Dahlonega Mine Train, just OK. Hit up the drop tower, Acrophobia. This one's a bit weird, you don't really sit and end up leaning forward a bit, so you end up getting yanked down into the seat once the drop ends. Took a spin on Georgia Cyclone. Rough. This one is definitely a twister, visually and otherwise. Last stop was Georgia Scorcher which easily became my favorite standup. Most standups there's a slight degree of pain for me, but not this one. Being the youngest standup probably helps, but again, not being "the tallest" or "the fastest" standup is a good thing IMO.

After another Goliath ride, finally took an extended break for food. By now it was late afternoon. Pulled pork sandwich and fries from Daddy-O's, the seasoning on the fries was unexpected and tasty. Sandwich itself was decent.

Came back and dipped down into Gotham City for more Batman and Mind Bender. Rode the Sky Buckets to the other side, then Bumper Cars. Double cycle! There was a huge traffic jam on the first cycle....maybe that's why? Wrapping things up, did one more ride on Scream Machine, then two more on Goliath, which were gonna be my last, but ended up doing Scorcher again on the way out since it was a walk-on.

Another enjoyable park day. Atmosphere wise SFOG is one of the better Six Flags in my opinion, plenty of scenic/shaded areas. Reading stuff afterwards, I regret not making time for Monster Mansion. Will have to do that next time I'm near Atlanta.

Other miscellany:
* Sign of the day: "Dahlonega Mine Train is a roller coaster type ride."
* If you're confused by Six Flags' obscure product sponsors can I get an OHHH YEAH
* If line jumping WAS a sporting event, SFOG would easily be a 1-seed. Sigh...

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