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I will try to make this as short and sweet as possible: my trip was outstanding, and Six Flags really performed above and beyond my expectations.

Today happened to be one of the unofficial gay pride days, I think it's called Pearl Day or something to the effect of, this actually had a big impact, as there were alot of people at the park, especially for a Wednesday. However, the only qualm I had with the pride day was I felt some of the "fashion" was a bit too raunchy for a family park. Stuff like leather whips, leath chaps with little on under it, etc., I couldv'e done without, but I digress.

I will sequence my day with rides and ratings, respectively.

1.) Georgia Scorcher - 9.5/10 - Awesome coaster. Without a doubt, one of the best stand-ups around; smooth, fast, many pops of airtime, just an all around good coaster.

2.) Batman The Ride - 6/10 - Good inverted coaster, seems to have gotten progressively rougher over the seasons, however, still packs a punch and with full themeing, made for a very, VERY enjoyable ride experience.

3.) Mindbender - 7/10 - Good ol' Schwarzkopf looper...still good, makes for a good "slow down" coaster to take breaks almost.

4.) Ninja - 4/10 - Rough, rough and rough. Could be a great coaster if only something was done with the trains or track.

5.) Superman Ultimate Flight - 9.8/10 - Awesome. I must commend the ride ops for an interesting approach to loading and unloading. With only one station operational and two trains running, guests were counted out before entering the station to ensure there was no crowding or line cutting. Made for a very short wait.

6.) Great American Scream Machine - 7.7/10 - Rode front row, easily the best on the whole train. Pretty smooth, tons of airtime!

7.) Wheelie (Flat Ride) - 6/10 - Fun flat ride. Needs longer inversion times.

8.) Dahlonega Mine Train - 4/10 - Sub-par mine train. Rough; interesting themeing however. Good kids coaster.

9.) Acrophobia - 10/10 - To quote Clark Griswold, A Religious Experience. New seats with weird slanted leg thingies (hard to explain) made for comfortable landing. Can't get enough of this ride! :) A charismatic ride op made the ride extra enjoyable. At the top of the tower, he went into a standard spiel, "Welcome to the top of Acrophobia, please do not spit or drop any objects, after all, on Acrophobia, the only thing to drop is you *falls*".

10.) Looping Starship - 5/10 - Fun flat ride. SFoG needs many more, though.

Then, something extraordinarily interesting occured: I'm looking over the SFoG skyline, and Deja Vu's towers are sticking up, a familiar sight. Then, a train with passengers is pulled up. My friend and I sprint to Deja Vu...

11.) Deja Vu - 9.8/10 - Last time I rode this, it was slow loading, low capacity, one-trick pony if you will. This is one of the instances where I was very pleased with the SFoG staff...Deja Vu had a full que line, yet the wait was less than an hour. They were very fast with loading, and had a systematic approach. Something new was done to the ride I couldn't quite put my finger on. However, made for one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had on a coaster. It was smooth, intense, fast, mildly disorienting, a total rush, and a absolute joy. They had it working top notch, and I was extra-pleased.

12.) Fearless Freep's Daredevil Dive (Skycoaster) - 10/10 - I know many parks have these, especially the bigger ones: Guys and Gals, if you have not "gone flying" on one of these things, you are missing so much. This is one of the penultimate ride experiences at SFoG.

After that, I was able to get in some re-rides before I left for the day. Overall, with a friendly and helpful staff, Deja Vu running, and riding some awesome rides, such as the Skycoaster, I would give my day at SFoG a overall score of 9.6/10. If you haven't been, get there! :)

"Enjoy your record-breaking ride on Millennium Force"

Very good Tr Report! Very short and to the point, although i won't be able to make it down this year hopefully i'll make it next year.

The tr report made me want to go even sooner!

Your Park only has 1 good coaster! That's too bad!

Man, just what u wrote about Acrophobia, makes me wish it was here in Great Adventure only taller, or Kennywood. Every since I heard of Acrophboia, I've wanted to ride it. I just love drop rides a little more than roller coasters. (I still hate being pulled up and waiting to be drop). But anyway, good report. I wish I could go to Georgia to ride Georgia Scorcher, too.

Holla at your boy!

Great TR! I love SFoG and think its one of the better SF parks. I agree with you about Ninja, it is a very rough ride. Seems like you liked all the other rides.

B Rad

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Nice TR. I'm really glad to hear about Deja Vu. Hopefully SFGAm will follow suit soon...

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Glad to hear you had a good trip. I will be going for the 3rd time in a week there tommorrow. I was going today, but as you mentioned it was Gay Day and Pearl Jam was there at the ampitheatre. A turn off indeed.

I really don't see how you can give Scorcher a 9.5. This is nothing special, and IMO the worst B&M coaster made. Short, slow, and too smooth for any action. I would switch your Batman rating with this one.

I agree, generally, on most of your ratings and comments. BTW, on Acro, you didn't have a charismatic employee, that's what all of them do now. It's part of their job. Oh, can't believe you liked Starship. IMO, an awful, awful ride, but I agree SFoG needs more flats. Good to hear someone actually try the Skycoaster and tell about it!

Really glad to hear Deja Vu is working again. It was down Sunday, but running last Thursday (both days I went). I hope it is operating tommorrow. That ride is truly something special.

Also, Friday and Saturday will be the highly publicized Scream Machine's 30th Year Anniversary Celebration. Park anticipating big turnout, and the 30 hour ACE coaster marathon. Should be interesting, but I will not be there!

That sorta thing ain't my bag, baby!
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You better bet I'll be there (but its not like I have a choice ;). ) If you really like the Scream Machine, I reccomend coming out Friday-Saturday and being one of the first 5000 to get a Red Badge of Courage for riding GASM just like the first riders got in 1973. Sounds like a good item to add to a coaster collection...

"Press down, pull up, and enjoy the rest of your day here at Six Flags over Georgia as we celebrate 30 years of operation at the Great American Scream Machine."

MillenniumForceX said:

12.) Fearless Freep's Daredevil Dive (Skycoaster) - 10/10 - This is one of the penultimate ride experiences at SFoG.

"Enjoy your record-breaking ride on Millennium Force"

Penultimate? Did you mean ultimate? I'm just trying to make sure that I understand what you were saying

I'm not an enthusiast. I just play one on message boards.

No, it is quite obvious that he was saying that Daredevil Dive was one of the few 'second to last rides' there are at Six Flags over Georgia... :)

As far as Deja Vu is concerned, could any of this newfound DV love be the result of the train rehab? I know it doesn't look different, but maybe they tightened a bolt or two... Or, God forbid, got the wheels to clamp the track at all times?

"Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation." - David St. Hubbins, Spinal Tap

The trains, boss! The Trains!

Seriously, the new trains are much stiffer due to the reworking of the outrigger connecting plates. Consequently, the ride is infinitely smoother and the new trains in combination with the shorter travel distances on the spike towers results ina ride which no longer seems to teeter on the edge of valleying going through the boomerang.

Now, if only we could get other Vekoma trains fixed, more of their rides might reach their full potential!
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The ride was never that rough in the first place, in fact, I've had worse rides on B&M inverters. Either way, I'm glad Deja Vu is recieving a warm welcome, because with the reactions prior to it's rehab, you'd honestly think the ride was the spawn of satan or something...

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

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