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I just got home from visiting a friend in Atlanta for the past few days, and got a chance to visit my first Six Flags park on Sunday while visiting. I have driven for 14 hours today, so I'm quite tired, but I figured I would get the TR posted while it was still somewhat fresh in my mind.

The weather was perfect for me. Upper 60's - Lower 70's and not too much sun. I arrived at the park 10 minutes before opening and was very happy to see little to no traffic exiting I-20 towards the park. Since it is Spring Break in Atlanta, the park is Buy One-Get One free this whole week, and I was concerned that would lead to heavy crowds. But such was not the case. Here are some general thoughts about different areas of the park:

I was very impressed with the parking crew and their tuxedos, but was a bit let down by only 2 booths open to pay for parking. It looked like this may be the case all the time? I can't imagine that on a midsummer day. I parked and rode the tram up to the front gate since it was passing at the time. The tram guides were very friendly and made some general comments about the park and coasters and witty jokes.

Ride Operations:
There were some things I was incredibly impressed with, and other things I was disgusted with. The crews hustled on nearly all the coasters to dispatch as quickly as possible. It also seemed that safety was a big priority as they audibly cleared each train, only after announcing that each ride host was ready. Ride crews were also very friendly and trying to get people excited for the rides. On the negative side, many coasters only had one train running until completely necessary. Batman had grown to over an hour wait with nearly nobody in the park, and then finally a 2nd train was put on. This was common around the park. As much as I enjoyed the spieling, on one particular ride, it went way too far. On Acrophobia, the ride hosts were inferring that the ride was very dangerous, and that the "concrete would suffice as a good cushion when you fell". They also made people think that the spots on the concrete were blood. Then when we reached the top of the tower, the ride host chanted some strange chant over the loudspeaker before we dropped. Given the recent events on Intamin Drop Towers I don't think joking about injuries is the best idea. I saw one woman crying uncontrollably as we ascended, and I know the spieling did not help at all.

Atmosphere, Food, Etc:
I thought the park was very clean, and fairly enjoyable to walk through. Due to the Georgia drought, all the fountains in the park had signs stating that they were turned off to conserve water. The food was typical Amusement Park food with plenty of chains and unique eateries, all at outrageous prices (14 dollars for a burrito and a medium Diet Coke). I was a bit annoyed by the excessive advertisements all over the park, but it was not unbearable.

Individual Ride Thoughts:

A truly amazing coaster. Easily now in my top 10. Wonderful floater airtime, and strong positive Gs on the helixes. I only wish this coaster were closer so I could ride it many many more times.

Mind Bender:
A bit of a let down. Many people had told me how great this coaster was, so perhaps my expectations were too high. Still enjoyed a nice front seat ride, but didn't get off thinking "wow!" Just seemed like a fun looping coaster with a few pops of air.

Georgia Cyclone:
The surprise of the trip! I absolutely loved this coaster. I had a phenomenal ride in the 2nd to back seat. I experienced "Cyclops" like airtime down several of the hills, and I overall loved the entire ride! Only complaint was that it was a bit rough, but I got off laughing and out of breath (rare for me)

Georgia Scorcher:
A Ride Operations disaster waiting to happen... As I was riding the tram into the park, I noticed the tram host mention that the Georgia Scorcher is a ride you can "ride sitting or standing". I thought it was a joke, but when I finally rode the ride I saw it was true. Some people were riding it fully sitting down, while others stood, and some found positions inbetween. One child in front of me sat with his head outside of the restraint for the entire way up the lift. Luckily he put it back into the restraint before the drop. This shocked me. Is this how B&M Standups are at all the SF parks? As for the ride, it really wasn't terrible. I actually found it more bearable than Mantis, but I still hate standup coasters.

This was my first B&M Flyer and I must say it was quite a treat. After riding "X-Firehawk-Flight" I was convinced that I was not a fan of Flying coasters, but Superman restored my hope somewhat. The restraints were very comfortable, and the ride had some awesome moments (especially the pretzel loop). But I got off the ride still wishing that more quality standard sit-down coasters were built, as opposed to these more gimmicky rides.

Too short, but surprisingly intense. I appreciated the 2 vertical loops.

Dahlonega Mine Train:
Are 3 lifts really necessary on this thing? Not much to this ride... But I'm sure kids love it.

Great American Scream Machine:
Could have been a decently fun ride if the seats weren't so incredibly tight. Is this different than the other PTC trains, because I never remember any other PTCs having that tight of seats. Nice moments of floater airtime, but I was too worried about my bruising hips.

Could take the place as the most painful ride I have ever been on. The entire train was grunting and screaming in pain. Never a good sign. Have a nice bruise on my elbow from trying to brace myself. Worst coaster in the park hands down.

The only other ride I had time to ride was Acrophobia. Easily the most terrifying drop tower I have been on. Minus the annoying/inappropriate spieling, I really enjoyed the ride... except the braking at the base of the tower is a bit abrupt, and was a bit uncomfortable on a certain part of the male body.

Well, I rambled way too long on this TR. I have some other thoughts about the park, but will save them for the comments. If you have any specific questions about things in the park, I would be happy to answer them!
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Josh M.

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The last time I rode Cyclone it was one of the best wooden coasters I've tried. Glad to hear it's still doing good.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

PTC trains are all sort of small. Diaholengha Mine Train, you go why do they have 3 lift hills. It's a mine train, and usually mine trains have a lot of lift hills. However, think about this though. I think more roller coasters should have more lift hills, or slowing down postions inbetween.

They can run a lot more trains with any amount of track with more lift hills, and two stations like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Look at California Screamin'. That ride technically has two slow parts to the ride, and they run a lot of trains, and have 2 stations. First they launch you, and then you go up this second hill that they pretend like it is a lift hill.

Another option is like Top Thrill Dragster. Have 2 trains loading in the station one in back of each other, and also have an exit station. Than, you have add trims, and block brakes inbetween the ride. People usually hate trims. They believe it's ruins the ride, but there is a reason why they are there. The ride is going too fast, and they don't want the ride to end so quickly. That's why they can run more than 2 trains on a ride that's going 85 mph.

Of course, the problem with parks having two stations, or exit stations is the fact that it might cost a little more money, they might have to be another train, and number of employees on that particular ride.

The benefit of running more trains means that guests are more happy, and might be more likely to come back because they aren't waiting in line for an 1 hour and 1/2.

The last option is to have the roller coaster so huge that you will be able to run more trains which usually isn't usually an option because it's so darn expensive to do that.

What can I say about them not running enough trains at the beginning of the day? I think it's the management. They don't want to fire her because she's been working for that park forever, and you can't fire a women because than it's sexist to do so. She does a horrible job. That park is always messed up somehow. I think the park is better than before because they are actually putting on another train, but something needs to be done with that park's management.

Did they close the rides early while the concession stands are all open at the closing time?? Did they ask you to see your watch so they can close the ride entrance even though it wasn't the time it was to close the rides? Did they feel like closing the back of the park near Batman 15 minutes early because they felt like it. People have told me that they had some speakers around the park that say that the park is now closed.

Is this true, and did you hear it on the speakers? Did they open the park earlier than the website said so because they felt like it. Who runs a park like that? *** Edited 4/9/2008 6:03:15 PM UTC by Spinout***

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Umm... Well you said alot there, but to answer the last part. I didn't stay till the park closed so Im not sure if they closed early, since I was going out with some friends that evening for dinner at The Vortex in Little Five Points in Atlanta. I do know that they opened right on time at 10:30. They were letting people in the park earlier than that, but the coasters did not open til 10:30.

Josh M.

Josh M said:
Georgia Scorcher:
A Ride Operations disaster waiting to happen...
During my visit I saw a young woman on a seat too high for her feet to touch the floor of the car. And people complain about the loan times on Mantis...
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That does sound strange, ride ops telling guests that Scorcher can be ridden standing or sitting. I'm pretty sure the restraints are designed to work with riders in a standing position, not in some odd seated one.

All in all, standing coasters everywhere you go have poor load times due to people not knowing how to get into the restraints. I guess SFOG finally gave up trying to correct people.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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Neuski... I saw all combinations of seating arrangements. Some were seated with their feet on the ground, others were sitting with their feet not touching, some (myself included) stood in the proper riding position. One guy on the end of the row actually sat, and had one of his feet on the side of the train... not good at all.

Josh M.

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Re: Scorcher - Saw the same thing all day last weekend, people actually SITTING down to ride. Certainly makes me question those interminable loads where they check and reposition each and every rider to make them stand up (lookin' at you, Chang).

Do have to wonder if SFoG consulted with B&M on that decision, it sure SEEMED wrong...with four Beemers in the park, you'd think some of these SF parks would have W&C on speed-dial, LOL.

P.S. Sorry Mindbender didn't GET you - seemed to be a little on the sluggish side when we FINALLY got to ride on Sunday. Cyclone WAS running like a beast though - seems like THAT is the SFoG woodie that got the love this offseason.

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My fiancee and I was at SFOG on Sat March 29th. AT first the weather was great. But after several rides, storms started coming in. One after another. Would quit, then rides reopen then another one would shut them down.

Georgia Scorcher is still one of the better stand ups. Most B&M stand ups do not age well. Last time I rode Iron Wolf, it was horrible. Mantis is getting bad. So I am hoping Scorcher holds up ok.

When we got to Cyclone, was disappointed. The trims were light so was running faster. But was rough. It was bouncing all over the place. We sat in front of second car to avoid the wheels.

I still enjoy the mine train there. Cheesy family ride, but just so much fun with all the jerkiness.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to ride Mindbender. That was the only credit she did not get. Shame cause it is one of my favorite steel coasters.

GASM was running very well! Yes the seats are tight, but glad to see the old buzz bars still there! What an old classic that is still well maintained.

Where did you eat Josh? we tried the BBQ place across from Goliath. Very good! We got the Goliath Combo. It included BBQ chicken, ribs, french fries, pulled pork sandwich, corn on cob all for $16 i think it was. It filled 2 plates. Was surprised by it and was really good too.

This park has always been one of my favorite Six Flags parks. Very scenic park. Even though no record breaking rides, they are good. Most staff very friendly. I even was impressed to see the restrooms clean. I know that was one of the things that Shapiro wanted. So good to see it happening. Also, every employee wearing a button stating they are smoke free was very nice way to remind everyone. Maybe CP should take note.

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