Six Flags over Georgia?

I am a Cedar Point fan and currently live in Michigan. I am moving to Alabama, and the withdrawls are going to kick in quick. I know that SFoG isn't too far from where we will be living. So I was just wondering what it is like in comparison to Cedar Point.

The only Six Flags park I have ever been to was Six Flags Worlds of Adventure or Geauga Lake. I was never there when it was GL, but when it was SFWoA it was ran pretty poorly. Is that how SFoG is too?

Also I was wondering what are the coasters like there? Goliath and Bat Man look pretty cool. Are there woodies real rough like CP's Mean Streak? Are all of their coasters really fun like CP's coasters?

Thanks :)

CP's Mean Streak isn't rough at all!!!!!! Why do people constantly say this???

When a coaster hurts my neck and my back, I consider that rough. Sorry. lol. :)
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Inn Bee Four Clothes ;)

d_port_12E said:
CP's Mean Streak isn't rough at all!!!!!!

That's your opinion. I'm one of those people that thinks it's pretty rough.

Why do people constantly say this???

Because they think it's rough.

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I love SFOG!

GASM is a great woodie, and Cyclone is fun too...sadly, it hasn't aged well.

Mindbender is one of the best steel coasters in operations, and rarely has a long line, so make sure to ride it multiple times!

The park is really lacking in flats (thanks to Goliath! :(), but makes up for it in coasters.

All of the B&M's are fun, and the kiddie credit is even pretty thrilling! Just remember, WHEN RIDING NINJA, SIT IN THE FRONT ROW OF THE BACK CAR.

DantheCoasterman said:

The park is really lacking in flats (thanks to Goliath! ), but makes up for it in coasters.


I am sorry, I don't know a lot of the coaster terms. What does that mean, it is lacking in flats?

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"Flats" is a common term for flat rides, sometimes also called spinning rides. Examples of "flat rides" at Cedar Point would be Troika, the Bumper Cars, MaXair, Tilt-o-Whirl, and such.

By the way, since you're new you should be aware that asking people to compare Cedar Point versus SFOG is one of the types of threads against the Terms of Service you agreed to. Don't be surprised if this is closed by the mods.

Oh, I definately wasn't asking for any park bashing. I have never been to any amusment parks really except for CP. I was just asking for comparison as in,"This ride is like the Mean Streak, and that one is kind of like Raptor."

I think I got all of the help I needed though, so thankyou. :) And please no park bashing, because honestly that is not what I was asking for. Lets make it a little bit easier on the mods today, since they already had to close my other thread at Point Buzz. (due to the fact that it wasn't related to CP, not because of park bashing.)

Unless you need the Ninja credit, dont ride it. Georgia Scorcher is a nice suprised, but the park is really hilly, so bring your walking shoes. By the way, Mindbender never has a line, so you will always have a quick awesome ride to go and ride (as dumb as that sounds) Also Goliath and Superman, are so awesome that you will want to ride them all the time.

Plus the park has a roto drop that is the scariest thing ever, so you are guarenteed an awesome time, except lines can get awful, but you said Cedar Point was your old homepark, so it might not be that bad.

Watch out for fights though, the employees seem to get a little rough ;)

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