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Saturday, May 26, 2001 8:09 AM
I had originally decided not to go earlier in the week because Deja Vu was not going to be running, but had decided that riding Acrophobia was worth the 200 mile trip. So I fought the traffic in Atlanta to arrive around 9:30 under very cloudy skies that soon turned to a steady rain. It was to clear up by midmorning so I decided to grab a cup of coffee and get a Q-bot till it stopped raining.

Around 10:30 the rain had stopped and I had ventured up to Acrophobia to find out that it would be running later in the day. I was pleased and thought I would walk down to look at Deja Vu. It looked pretty well done but there was no train on the track anywhere. It was time to ride some coasters.

I decided not to use the Q-bot at first since there was no need since it was a short wait to ride almost anything in the park. I was to later find out that the system that ran the Q had crashed and was not working, but that is another story in itself.

Great American Scream Machine: I did not ride this opening day so I could not resist since it was only a short five minute wait. I have to say that GASM was running a bit slower than I had recalled from last year. I felt as if I was in slow motion during the whole ride.

Viper: I am still wondering why Carowinds removed White Lightnin so they could expand their water park. It brought back memories of my first ride ever on a coaster. I think I could ride viper all day if I wanted to. I got 10 rides without having to even get up.

Batman the Ride: For some reason I am not a big fan of the one here. I always ride it at least once every trip, but never a second time. I am not saying that it is not worth it or that it is rough, but I found the one at St. Louis to be a better ride.

Mind Bender: I have always enjoyed this coaster since I was younger. It is one of my all time favorites and a trip to SFoG is not complete till at least five spins on it. Well worth the wait in line.

Georgia Scorcher: One of the best stand ups that I have rode. It is short but sweet and to the point. There is nothing like ending the day on it.

Ninja: I do not even waste my time on this coaster. It is one of the biggest pieces of monkey crap I have ever rode. I was not looking for a headache so I past it this time around. Maybe next time.

Dahlonega Mine Train: I past up on this on also. It would be a total let down after Thunderation at SDC.

Georgia Cyclone: This thing gets better with age. It has improved over the last few years. I rode in the back early in the morning and was almost thrown out of it on almost every drop. I enjoyed every ride and it is creeping up my favorite woodies, it just pasted the Boss. It just has to overcome those two coasters up in Santa Claus.

Acrophobia: One word only can describe this thrill ride,WOW. There is nothing like sitting and ascending a tower while rotating. It was a great view. At the top the seats tilts forward so you are standing up so to speak, then with out warning it is plungeville to the bottom. This was worth the 200 miles drive from NC to ride it.

As I mention before that Q-bot was not working in the morning due to a crash in the computer that controls it, it came on around one. I decided to use it since it started getting busy, plus it cost me 15 bucks. I Have to say that I wish I was the one who thought this up. It is worth the little extra that I paid. I took a ride on the Free Fall while waiting on my time to come up for Batman.

I know there is a few people out that do not really care for any type of fast pass system. I am one that enjoys it since I can do more things during my trip. I have only used it at SFoG, but are planning to use it at IOA in august.

All in all it was a rather great trip, but I could really live without all the traffic around Atlanta.
Saturday, May 26, 2001 9:31 AM

Viper: I am still wondering why Carowinds removed White Lightnin so they could expand their water park.

EXACTLY what I said. And actually, I believe White Lightnin' was removed for White Water Falls which was put in at the spot of the tower one year later. Mindbender is my fifth fav. coaster, GA Cyclone my 7th, and Viper is in my favorites as well. Schwarzkopf coasters rock!

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