Six Flags "Outer Market" Season Pass

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(credit for this one goes to Kyle, I'm just bringing the info to CoasterBuzz)

It seems certain SF parks are offering a reduced price "Outer Market" season pass this year. I'm not sure exactly which ones, but this example is SFOT.

On the new SF website, when you go to purchase a season pass it asks for your zip code before presenting your options. Apparently, if you input a zip code far enough away (and I don't know what constitutes 'far enough', but my Dayton zip worked ;) ) - there is an additional pass option called the Outer Market Pass. (see here)

If you click that choice, you'll find the ability to snag a season pass for just $47.00 (see here)

A decent discount over the regular pass price of $79.99 (see here)

Not sure what other parks offer the same option (if any), but if you plan on hitting SFOT (or another SF park offering this) early this season, here's a decent, very low cost season pass option.

Wow. First you *couldn't* buy one if you lived too far away, and now not only can you, but it's cheap! Something of a head-scratcher, to be sure. I looked at a handful of other parks (SFGAm, SFKK, SFNE), and they didn't ask for my ZIP.

I wonder if they are trying to market to Houston with this, and someone just screwed up...

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Thats strange, good for coaster nerds though. Man, if you were from Texas, but had family in PA for instance, couldn't you just have them order it for you?

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Maybe it is only SFOT and the Houston thing makes sense.

The thing is, I'm considering a Texas trip and this would be well worth it if I just hit SFOT and SFFT alone.

(and that $32 saving is exactly the cost of a Q-bot ;) )

Interesting. Since I live in NJ, I wonder if I can apply for an "outer market" season pass for, say, SFKK, and save a bunch of money when I should actually be buying a Great Adventure pass? ;)
We live in NJ. However, we buy our passes at SFA for $49.99 instead of the $89.99 we would pay at SFGAdv. It's still a one day trip down to DC/ Baltimore. Definitely worth the saving for our family.
I probably wouldn't do that, although I'm only buying passes for two. Unless I was planning on going to SFA anyway... then I might do that ;)
It's worth it when you're buying four. We're in South Jersey anyway. I like the SFKK "idea". We'll be heading down to SFA in two weeks during the kids' spring break. Thank God spring is finally here!!
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Rob Ascough said:
Interesting. Since I live in NJ, I wonder if I can apply for an "outer market" season pass for, say, SFKK, and save a bunch of money when I should actually be buying a Great Adventure pass?

Yes, but you'd have to go to SFKK to process it. That was the whole thing with SF passes and the radius limit before - to stop that sort of thing.

I still have to go to Texas to get that deal.

The real question is what happens if I try to renew next season. :)

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SFA and SFoT both had the better "coaster line-ups" than SFGAdv did.....until Da Bull charged into the ring.

SFoT is still head, shoulders, and teakettle above the other two. As with that HUGE thread on the other end, the RIDES really are secondary. It's a SERVICE industry, and the EMPLOYEES make or break your park.

The old regime relied too heavily on expensive new rides because they DELUDED themselves into thinking they were selling HUGE RIDES to people. Expensive to build, expensive to maintain, etc. Good employees, I know, DO cost more. But the ROI is WAY higher than it is for most "new for ##" rides that have the ability to catch the eye of those with shorter attention spans than my cats have.

Will be interesting to see what happens when an "outer market" person tries to renew. I'm technically out-of-market to my CLOSEST park in the chain (SFoG).

Has anyone else been recieving their inactive passes via mail? They recently sent out SFA 2007 play passes complete with photo ID to all 2006 passholders wether ordered by the individual or not.

I recieved mine this week,but of course never ordered it so I still have to pay for it before it can be activated but am unsure of just how that works,I don't want to pay them $50.00 online via credit card & then show up on april 14th only to find that the season pass that I'd paid for isn't valid yet considering the fact that I'd paid $40.00 to renew my antivirus subscription online back in november after it expired only to have it still not reactivated some five months later.

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I think this is some type of record. In the past week, I have come across at least 3 threads speaking of positive new things at Six Flags parks.

Let's hope this truly is the early winds of change a blowin'

rollergator said:
SFA and SFoT both had the better "coaster line-ups" than SFGAdv did.....until Da Bull charged into the ring.

Are you serious?

Fate is the path of least resistance.

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Lord Gonchar said:
The real question is what happens if I try to renew next season. :)

Just renew online, and they should send you the new pass for next year. That's what I did this year. I had gotten my SFKK pass on the way to Holiday World. Only spent about an hour in the park. Renewed online for this year, and got the pass.

Antuan said:

rollergator said:
SFA and SFoT both had the better "coaster line-ups" than SFGAdv did.....until Da Bull charged into the ring.

Are you serious?

Well that depends on your opinion of Nitro and Kingda Ka. I happen to think Nitro is wonderful (although no comparison to SFOG's Goliath), so I'd take SFGADv's line up over SFOT's, but not SFOG's.

As for the parks themselves, SFOT and SFFT win hands down. When people whine about SF operations and customer service, obviously they have never been to Texas! ;)

I guess I qualify for the outermarket price with SFStL. I entered the zipcode for my parent's town in Norteastern MO and it popped up the $49.99 price.

MO Farm Bureau though still has a better price on passes and IF we do get one this year, we'll get it through them.

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Am I the only one who had bad service at SFFT? (one op checking restraints on S:KC. Not two with one on each side. One crossing the platform doing all 32 seats).

I also seem to be the only one not wowed by SFoT's coaster line up. I much prefer GAdv's (my previous home park before SFoT).

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

SFFT: yes.

(Actually, there may have only been one op on S:KC the last time I was there, but they only needed two trains and there was still no line, so I wouldn't have cared if they did.)

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Antuan said:

rollergator said:SFA and SFoT both had the better "coaster line-ups" than SFGAdv did.....until Da Bull charged into the ring.
Are you serious?

/user engages intent pose over keyboard.

Absolutely! Yes! Totally serious!
Well, for me, anyway... ;)

For the interests of this discussion...I'll take five coasters from each, then send them into the tournament.

SFA: Granted, last visit was....'03/'04, but I go on my most recent experiences. THe park, frankly, needs LOADS of work in terms of operations and guest relations. But we were talking RIDES - and I don't penalize the ride for the park it's in.

OK....SFA: Roar, Wild One, Two-Face, Batwing, and ummmmm, I dunno....Ride of Freakin' Insanity. :)

Even the "lame" SFA/DL versions of RoS are, honestly, both stuck near the top of my favorite steel rides. Can't shake 'em loose. They're not budging. Wild One is *really* good and not only a "classic WOODIE" but well-maintained (I know, at an SF park, LOL!). Roar, on my last visit, was still a fun and solid GCI twister that was just sorely lacking MFlyers. ;) Batwing - OK, I'll admit it, I think the flying position IS a pretty cool gimmick, and I think Vekoma made the best layouts. Unreliable as anything, really poor capacity, but when you ride (rarely), it's a fun ride. Honestly, an excellent lineup of rides even *years* later....

SFoT: Freeze, Titan, Giant, JRS, and that batsh*t-crazy Anton THING....that name should never have been used on some of the abominations it's been placed upon, LOL.

Seriously, that's a line-up to drool over, and I didn't even include that NUTS indoor Runaway Mountain, the best bobsled I've ever ridden, and ummm, oh yeah, a B:TR. Please notice the list once again included...two wooden coasters.

And that brings me back to...GAdv. Hey, I grew up in Jersey. Great White and J2 are both good (well, one of 'em was off the hook, but I digress....again). GAdv once had a good wooden coaster, called Rolling Thunder. Most recently (like for ten YEARS at least), it's been....well, mom said not to "speak ill of the dread". Maybe I mis-heard her? ;)

Important to note I said "Before Toro". Whether or not it's *pure woodie*, I couldn't care less when I'm RIDING. That thing is MASSIVE fun.

Anyhow....GAdv's best five steel rides. (I guess I'm admitting my preference, huh?) Nitro, Medusa, Chiller - I'll even give you a bonus and count that as one, Ka, S:UF.

Nitro is way "family" for me, clearly NOT up to the level of intensity I'll get from RoS or Shockwave.I keep hearing how I'm not doing this or that, riding here or there, whatever. I just got off SFoG's Beemer, that has the "it" factor. Nitro just doesn't. Admittedly, FOR ME. Medusa...the floorless "gimmick" again, IMO, isn't something I'd go out of my way for. I did get some GLORIOUS untrimmed rides on Medusa six or seven years ago, night ERT, and every ride since then just seems lackluster. Chiller - the Redeemer. Given the "before Toro", Chiller, post-mods, was quite simply totally blissful. Clearly the highlight of the park in terms of rides. S:UF - well, I did find the pretzel loop to be an amazing feat when I first rode it at SFoG....then I rode them enough to bypass the ride at Fling. They kinda are been there, done thats, for me. Ka? Wow, I didn't realize how MUCH vibration you all were talking about....that was ALOT. So I'll replace it in the line-up with...what, a B:TR that didn't make it to SFoT's top-5? Maybe Skull Mountain, that IS fun. Really, the first drop in the back is pretty cool. GASM?

So anyhow....guess I had too much time on my hands....but that's MY take on the respective line-ups. The lack of wood was critical, but even still, GAdv never had the rides that HOOKED me. Toro....changed alot of that. ALOT! Wow, that thing is SICK.

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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^ Ummmm, so when do they offer an "Outer SPACE Market" Season Pass? :)

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