Six Flags North American expansion plan

i understand six Flags is looking to obtaining even more theme parks in the U.S but smaller ones in the near future. Do you think once they do acquire any of these smaller theme parks whichever city or town that they are in is it possible that they can bring back names from DC characters and Looney Tunes to rename their rides/attractions to them? Something similar to Six Flags Ohio when Geauga Lake was transformed and even expanded with like 4 new thrill rides in one year when it got turned into SF Words of Adventure. Could something similar happen with these smaller parks if their bought by Six Flags. If.

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Maybe Cedar Fair will sell Michigan's Adventure to them. Then watch them retheme the Thunderhawk area to Gotham, and rename Thunderhawk to Batman Knight Flight.

I could see them doing an RMC of the Wildcat, and adding some of their gothamish rides, like a drop tower or a spinsanity ride. Maybe a coaster like the joker at Great America. And they would likely add a show.

I would be very happy to see the Looney tunes gang at MA over the lame peanuts bunch. I am sure they would do more with the park then what Cedar Fair is doing with it.

But, it is just a thought. I don't think Muskegon is on six flags Radar. Plus it's too close to Great America, unless it leads to a boost in season passes from people from Michigan who would likely go to both parks.

People in Michigan love Chicago, and People in Chicago love to vacation of Michigan's west cost. So I think it might be a winning combo.

And for extra info, Six Flags did put in a bid to buy MA, back when it went up for sale, only Cedar Fair offered the park a better deal. So MA could have been a six flags chain park already. They were interested in buying it.

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