Six Flags New Parking Policy

Sunday, April 2, 2006 11:09 PM

Jason Hammond said:
At Cedar Point, I pay an extra $15 for the option of putting the parking pass on the season pass rather than putting it in the window of the car.

Not anymore. It is now an option that you can choose without having to buy Joe Cool.

Ever since they got rid of the 10% discounts with Joe Cool, it was pretty much worthless except for that option. I'm glad it's changed this year.


Sunday, April 2, 2006 11:32 PM
I think this is a horrible idea. But it doesn't really bother me that much because I'm not putting the sticker on my car. Something tells me I won't have any problems getting in. I'm either gonna tape it on the inside when I go or just show it to them. They can kiss my a** if they won't accept it.
Sunday, April 2, 2006 11:38 PM

scraperguy99 said:
I think it's ridiculous to need to pay for a parking pass when you have a season pass. I know Dorney Park's pass includes the free parking, don't all Cedar Fair parks work that way too???

I know someone else mentioned the parking pass for CP though? That sounds weird, I always thought CF included parking with your season pass.

I know Six Flags is just crooks, so it doesn't surprise me there.

Cedar Fair passes generally do NOT include parking. WoF, Valley Fair, and Cedar Point charge seperate fees regardless if you have a pass or not.

Monday, April 3, 2006 5:09 PM
Something for nothing when they can get another 30.00?
That'd be unAmerican, i say!
Just be glad it's not 30.00 for the first one and 45.00 for all additional.
Monday, April 3, 2006 5:53 PM
I dont find it wrong. Technically people where complaining that they cant cheat the system anymore. I find it funny actuallly.

Technically they will loose money. With a parking hang tag its easier to loose it.

I dont find anything wrong with this.

I think people are just looking for things to complain about when it comes to six flags.

we have parking passes for the beaches here. Stickers that have to go in the same place. i dont see mass riots here on long island about them. what about people who have to put stickers on their cars for parking by there house?

what is so bad about these stickers? *** Edited 4/3/2006 9:55:35 PM UTC by majortom1981***

Monday, April 3, 2006 6:02 PM
Whatever they do, they should be consistent across the chain. Be glad they're not making you buy a separate sticker for each park... yet.

I agree that the parking pass/ premium parking should be fixed to the season pass or else free parking should be a perc that goes with the season pass (raise the price of a pass another $20). It's the passholder who should be getting the benefit of the pass, not the vehicle he or she happens to be driving on any given day.

Monday, April 3, 2006 6:24 PM
^Your parking pass is only good at the park you bought it, or it least that was the rule 3 years ago.
Monday, April 3, 2006 6:30 PM
At SFOT the season parking is printed on your season pass. As long as the passholder is in the car--any car, that car gets in. I don't remember what we paid for ours, but there was a discount when you bought two parking passes.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 9:55 AM
I did this with all my parking passes is take it and laminate it. I did that with most all of them and they really didn't notice it. And I could use it in each of my cars.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 10:16 AM

majortom1981 said:
I dont find it wrong. Technically people where complaining that they cant cheat the system anymore. I find it funny actuallly.

Same here.

So basically what I am hearing people say is if you spend the money for a season pass and season parking, you will have to go to the park (where you purchased the pass) at least twice to have them pay for themselves.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Now if the Season Passes were at the prices where they should be priced... then that might be a different argument for free parking.

My rule of thumb... a park's season pass should cost around 2.5 times the cost of a one day admission. You go to the park 3 times a year, then the pass has paid for its self. If you go to a park less than 3 times a year, why bother with a season pass?

It costs what to get into Great Adventure (with no discounts)... $60 (okay... $59.95 but let's just call it $60). Season passes cost $90 (okay... $89.95) For a park that costs $60 to get into, passes SHOULD cost somewhere around $150. Add to this the fact that pass will get you into ALL Six Flags parks across the country.

I would only start complaining about an extra charge for parking if the season passes go up to the $150 range.

I just can't be too sympathetic on this one. *** Edited 4/5/2006 2:19:16 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 12:02 PM
I got my parking pass at SFGAm last Oct. when I renewed my season pass, its is still a sticker w/ 06 on it and was only 40.00. The reason we did this was because of all the talk of the new CEOs, we had a feeling things would be much higher this year.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 1:28 PM
I think people have every right to complain. Why do some SF parks put the season parking on the pass while others insist on a window sticker and others use a hang tag? I have two cars, but I would never drive both cars to the park at the same time. Why should those in NJ be restricted to having to drive the same car to the park each and every time, while those of us in Texas can take any car?

I doesn't sound to me like anyone is trying to cheat the system. They just want the option, if they have multiple vehicles, of being able to take any one of those vehicles to the park. The same option that is apparently available to at least half the other Six Flags parks in the chain.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 1:50 PM

Jeffrey Seifert said:
Why should those in NJ be restricted to having to drive the same car to the park each and every time, while those of us in Texas can take any car?

SFoT's management vs. SFGAdv's....'nuff said.
If the entire chain for the last 10 years was run like SFoT is run, that $2 BILLION figure would be on the other side of the ledger...

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 1:56 PM
Unless for some reason a parking pass is issued to a "vehicle" instead of a "passholder" there is no reason why the passholder is restricted to use one particular vehicle with his parking pass (and have to pay for additional ones).

And why any park would need to know specifics about ONE vehicle that a passholder might use is beyond me. It's not like a college campus or certain neighborhoods with limited parking where cars that don't belong there take parking spaces from "legitimate" vehicles.

I have a season pass from Hersheypark, which happens to include free parking. Now when my brother and his family visit, we'll take his van to the park since it's the only vehicle everyone can fit in. I flash my pass at the entrance, and we get waved through. Now did we "cheat" HP out of one parking fee?

On the contrary, as a passholder under their terms, I'm entitled to a parking space every time I enter the lot, whether I happen to be in my own vehicle or someone else's. And in this case, they're getting at least 4 additional admissions.

It would be the same if I had paid for a separate parking pass. I'm still only taking up a single parking place that I'm entitled to with the parking pass. So who would I be cheating?

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 2:05 PM
If the sticker was on my season pass I'd have no problem. However, it has to be on your car to be valid. I have 2 vechicles an I take my truck up by myself a lot. An we take my wifes care 2 or 3 times a month with the kid an friends. They should make it a sticker for your pass. GRRRRRR
Wednesday, April 5, 2006 2:12 PM
I don't think they technically have a problem with something like you describe, RGB.

I think the concern comes in being able to hand out your parking pass to anyone at anytime - because, face it, whoring out your parking pass to everyone you know for $10 a use could be quite lucrative. Which is exactly why it should be indicated on the pass itself. As long as the passholder is present, a parking space is paid for.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 2:44 PM

Lord Gonchar said:

whoring out your parking pass to everyone you know for $10 ...

Now there is something you never see on "COPS".

Gotta go and get those Parking Pass Pimps off the streets! (And they thought they were clever trying to hide themselves behind Knobels Phoenix Phall Phunphest.)


A fall event in Pennsylvania


One who engages in the illegal selling of parking favors.

You decide.

*** Edited 4/5/2006 8:19:08 PM UTC by SLFAKE***

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 4:56 PM
If I had known that Gonch would ALMOST agree with me on a Six Flags thread, I'd have timed my post so it was entered on 1:02:03 4/5/2006 ;)
Friday, April 7, 2006 10:56 AM

Blackie said:

It would be nice if they would offer A Universal SF Parking Pass, good at all of their properties.

This wouldn't work for SF Kentucky Kingdom since it is inside the state fairgrounds and the $5 parking fee doesn't even go to SFKK. The only parking pass is one you can get for $75 from the state.


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