Six Flags New Jersay trip - 4th, 5th or 8th of April - Carpooling from New York


My girlfriend and I are staying in NY for two weeks and it would be awesome to visit Six Flags during the trip. Having read up a bit on the practicalities, a weekday seems the best choice if you want to avoid queueing (who doesn't). As it is spring-break currently, it probably wouldn't be too smart to go there before that ends either. With those criteria, the only dates we have free are the 4th, 5th and 8th of April (a Thursday/Friday/Monday). If I read correctly there are no buses going to six flags on those dates, which makes things a bit difficult. I was thinking there might be a car-owning New York coaster-fan or two out there who were looking forward to spend a crowd-less day (take a "sick" day and live a little) of amazingness at Six flags next week and want to save a bit on gasoline and make some new friends from Europe at the same time? If not, we'll just fight the crowd on the weekend when there are buses.


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The park isn't open on any of the days you listed. The operating calendar is here:

Unfortunately, they are only open on weekdays this week and Monday of next week and then are only open on the weekend until May.

Even if you go on a weekend, crowds won't be too bad on in April, especially a Sunday and if you get there at opening, it will be empty from 10:30 to 12:00

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Ah, thanks. That explains things. Do you think Sunday the 7th would be better than April 1st (Monday and last day of spring break) ?

I don't think either will be too bad, since some schools are back in session on Monday but if I had to guess, I think Sunday might be slightly less crowded.

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