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I definitely will not be purchasing another meal pass at SFGAm. The food, implementation and hours were awful this year. 35 minutes for a plate of pasta, then another 8-12 minutes while they make more pasta. It's easier to run to the mall and eat much better food. Plus, Dairy Queen is close.

According to SF at yesterdays investors meeting The Dining pass was a success and they will be offered at all SF parks for 2013, it should be announced soon.

That's great news. In around 85 trips to Great Adventure´╗┐ since getting a pass in 2008, I have eaten a meal there twice because a meal for $10 - $12 without a drink is too overpriced for me when I could get meal at WaWa right outside the park for less than half of that. I hope you don't have to get a new pass if you get the meal plan since I specifically processed my pass in October to avoid having to wait in a long line on opening weekend.

^^...which is March 23-24 in 2013! Brrrrrrr!!!

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I'm really happy about that and am very surprised they are trying to open up so early after they opened in March in 2010 and it was in the 30's on Saturday and 40's on Sunday of that opening weekend. It's nice to know this year the offseason is less than 5 months.

..and now, less than four :)

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Just a question about the parking portion of the pass. Does that mean if you do not buy 4 gold passes you don't get free parking? I'm just curious as to how the booth operator at the parking booths will know that you are parking free? Do they slide their pass or something? How does that work. And, what would one do if the booth operator can not prossess your free parking. Then what? Do you sit there and hold up traffic, while they figure out what's wrong? and waste everyone elses time?

I didn't do it! I swear!!

One of the 4 passes get's free parking. On the actual season pass they print the word parking on it. You then go to the season pass parking line and they look at the pass to make sure it says parking on it which only takes a few seconds.

For the first visit, you print out a piece of paper for them to scan if you buy the pass or passes online. Otherwise, you can buy season pass parking at the parking booths for the first visit and then take the receipt with your pass to processing to get parking printed on the pass for future trips.

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THat's not how it worked (past tense) at SFoG this fall, late September. We got 4 passes for around $50 each, and all four came "gold with chain-wide parking." I'd have paid 50 for chain-wide parking WITHOUT the pass (and have before).

I guess Great Adventure had it setup differently than other parks since they only give 1 parking pass for 4 passes purchased (and also did that for 2012) since they don't offer the gold pass. $50 for a SF pass with parking for everyone buying a pass is awesome. I would have tried to find 3 other people to buy passes with if it was offered at Great Adventure since I had paid $59.99 for my Premium Pass and then had to pay another $60 for season pass parking.

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If that's the way they are doing the premium pass for GrAdv, I would probably look into purchasing a SF gold pass from one of the other parks in the east if I were you. The gold pass including parking and admission for all parks is a pretty good deal for the full price. But the $50 per gold pass for SFStL with purchase of 4 or more this Sept and Oct was the best deal Six Flags has ever had in recent years. They used to charge $45 for the first parking pass and $15 for any additional parking passes with the $50 deal before this year.

Six Flags is completely different. We bought our 2013 passes in Sept with one of them a Gold pass for parking. It is not printed on pass. They gave me a sticker to put on car for parking. I haven't had a parking sticker for years! Thought that was pretty cheesy. So, we will have to take the same car to the parks next year.

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^That's strange and kinda "retro." My 2013 Gold pass has parking printed on it.

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