Six Flags New England to host enthusiast event

Posted Wednesday, March 3, 2004 7:51 AM | Contributed by Jeff

Six Flags New England will hold Superhero Celebration III on June 11, 2004. The event is open to all card-carrying coaster club members, including CoasterBuzz Club. Exclusive ride time is schedules to include Thunderbolt, Scream and of course, Superman: Ride of Steel, considered by many to be the best steel roller coaster in the world.

Download the flyer here.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2004 9:33 AM
WOW now this is some good stuff the park is doing...especially for the price!

Two things that struck out:
The registration fee can be applied to a Season Pass (for those that don't have one). I like that idea (even though I have one).
And the VERY nice one...Part of Scream will be in mainenance mode! It even says so riders can take pictures of Superman! Now that's a freakn' good idea and a park that caters to enthusiasts! That be so cool if CP did that on something. It keeps that park happy, and it keeps the enthusiasts even happier, and everyone is safe.

"The Future of Roller Coasters"

Wednesday, March 3, 2004 12:48 PM
I did this event last year and I highly recommend it. In fact I wish I was going this year, too!
Wednesday, March 3, 2004 5:14 PM
Soak in the positive SFNE comments while you can before the season starts. ;)
Wednesday, March 3, 2004 7:41 PM
Yeah, like mOOSH, I went to this event last year, and had a BLAST. I think we scored around 30 rides for the day without even trying. They were running one train during the day (because there were like 1000 people in the park lol) and they actually put the SECOND train on just for the event! Talk about being treated like royalty! ;)

Definitely do this event if you have the chance!


Thursday, March 4, 2004 5:06 PM
This sounds like an awesome event. I would try to get there but I don't get out of school until the 10th and there is no way I could drive 10 hours in one day. I was at the park this summer and was very impresed with S:RoS.
Thursday, March 4, 2004 7:31 PM
It was perfect last year, wasn't it Joe?

Two trains on Superman for ERT and just enough people to fill both trains exactly. The only time anyone got out of their seats was to take a bathroom/smoking/water fountain break or to move to a different spot in the train. And talk about courteous and friendly: everyone got more than enough chances to ride in the front and back, there was no bogarting of seats. And the ops rocked, too!

Now I really wish I was going this year. birthday is June 10th.... ;-)



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