Six Flags New England begins building their 400-foot Skyscreamer

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Pieces of the New England Skyscreamer, what will become the tallest ride at Six Flags New England, arrived this week at the park for assembly. Northern Construction is the general contractor, according to the park. The 400-foot-tall swing ride will take 5,580 worker hours to assemble and will weigh 570,000 pounds.

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According to this FAA obstruction evaluation, the ride should be up by March 1st.

[IMG]The ride was topped off yesterday.

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Rode the TX version. Up to 200-250', felt pretty much like any other swing ride....but much like Drop Zone, those last few seconds going up just seem interminable.

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Even at 400' (SFoT homer), I still don't get these rides.

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I have yet to ride the SFOT version. I have been on the one at SFStL and loved it. Much better than Windseeker. They have more of a fear factor as you are just in a small seat attached to chains. Can't wait to try the 400 footers!

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