Six Flags New England announces end for Cyclone roller coaster

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The Cyclone at Six Flags New England will go for its last ride on July 20 after park officials have decided there are more efficient ways to use the large plot of land it sits on.

Read more from WFSB/Hartford.

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It's always sort of sad to see an aging wooden coaster go for its last ride but I would have to agree that there are more efficient ways to use that area of the park. This coaster is so lacklustre that it really isn't worth riding. Even Thunderbolt, much older than Cyclone, is a better coaster.


I have been a season pass holder and frequent guest at Six Flags New England for the past 4 years and have yet to ride it. Usually I am itching to try every single ride in a park but for various reasons have never felt inclined to bother with the Cyclone... The line is always like an hour and a half long because they seem to only have one train running on the thing.. Also I've herd many people complain about discomfort and boredom on the ride..

Can't wait to see what is in store for the area, it takes up a substantial amount of space!

Appparently the "hot pants for men" craze had just caught on there in New England...

I always wished the same for Judge Roy Scream at SFOT, although it's the only woodie at the park since the Giant rehab. They do have Roaring Rapids closed temporarily for "an attraction for 2015" though.

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