Six Flags New England 4/16/2009 (Some Bizzaro Stuff) Long

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Hey All,

Packed the wife, kid, and grandmom into the Forester and headed up to SFNE from NJ today. Took about 3 hours and some change getting there. Don't get me started with how people up North don't know there left from there right!

We got the park about 12pm. The parking lot did not look to have a lot of cars. We were in the lot across the street. We took the tram over to the bridge. The lines at the ticket booth were maybe 5-6 deep with 4-5 windows open.

We walked right up to the stoller entrance and entered. (Season Passes)

First my 3 year old rode the carousal with the wife. Then we hit Thomas Town. Cute but what a let down. Only 3 rides in all of Thomas TOWN! Not much of a town. I did ride the Mini Thomas ride with my daughter and she loved it.

Next we had to eat so we ate at the Cafe at the end of Main Street. Chicken Tenders, Hot Dog, and Pizza oh and some Dip and Dots for my kid.$31.EHH

Next we head over to Wiggles World. Kid had a blast and through a huge fit when it was mommy and daddy's turn to ride.

1st up Dark Knight. 10 minute wait for 5th row. Always fun! I like it better than Medusa but not as much as Dominator. Staff were stacking trains and blocking the station off and only letting enough people in to fill rows. I did notice the colors of DK do match the new Bizzaro colors closely.

After that we headed over to Mind Eraser but my kid through a fit so we skipped it.

Thunderbolt came calling and we rode 2nd to last row after a 15 minute wait. New trains make this Woodie fairly smooth! Again they had the station blocked off and only letting in enough to fill the train up.

After that we walked over to Mr. Six Ride. This was my first time on a spinning mouse. It was very fun but I don't think I'd wait 1/2 hour again for it.

My wife felt up to the task of Cyclone so we went for it. 10 minute wait for 2nd row. If anyone find my liver please email me to set up a meeting for me to get it back. I think it jarred loose in the 3rd turn.

My daughter tore up the Nascar Whip Ride in Looney Tunes land. She rode it 11 times.

We also watched the Looney Tunes Talent show. Was decent!

Ok now on to Bizzaro.

I noticed from the lift of DK that there was a lot of Large Wood Cut outs around the tail end track of Bizzaro. Out near Batman. They looked like buildings and stuff. Sort of like the Dark Knight Coaster at SFGADV. They also have already changed the Sign on the ride and the picture of Superman is now Bizzaro. Workers were still painting the coaster and when you enter the park you get a Daily Planet newpaper talking about the ride. I have yet to read it.

Park Staff was very very friendly
Park was exteremly clean
Train Stacking
Almost all rides open
The park felt alive with music and fun every where we went

No freaking soda lids!!!!!!
Bizzaro not open yet :>(

All in all this is my second visit to a Six Flags Park this year and if they keep up thing I seriously think they could turn things around. I know its the first few weeks of the season but in 2 months if things are still going well Mr. Shaparo might be getting that 3 million!

If anyone wants pics of Bizzaro stuff send me a message.


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