Six Flags New England 08/08/09

We got in the park at about 10:40 and headed over to the Season Pass Processing Center to get our pictures taken for our Big Six passes. After quickly getting that over with, we decided to go check out the line for Bizarro. From what I saw, the line was about an hour and a half wait, and I assumed (wrongly) that the wait would go down later in the day, so instead of waiting we went over to the water park to meet up with the rest of our family.

This was my family's first time going into the waterpark, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Overall, we had a good time and I'd definately would like to go back to Hurricane Harbor at some point. Typhoon was closed, which was disappointing since I've never been on a water coaster before. We went on shark attack and several other slides whose names I don't remember; my cousins, my brother and I also spent some time on the water playground area. Hurricane Harbor wasn't very crowded while we were there so the lines for the slides weren't very long.

A little after noon, we left the waterpark and went to go get on line for Batman: The Ride. This was to be the first upside down ride for two of my cousins, but one of them chickened out, so it was just me, my brother, two of my other cousins and my uncle while everyone else sat out. After waiting for about 45 minutes, we finally got on the ride. I always find this to be a very enjoyable ride, and give it an 8/10.

We then headed over to Johnny Rocket's where the rest of our party was waiting for us. On our way over, we decided to get a quick ride in on Buzzsaw, which is I think is a nice little flat, although the restraints are a little uncomfortable on my legs. After eating our overpriced meals, we decided to check out the line for Bizarro. According to the attendant at the front of the line, the wait was 2 1/2 hours. Wow. The longest I had ever waited for the ride was about an hour, and it was only that long because they stopped the ride 3 different times due to people taking out their phones/cameras while on the lift.

While we were deciding on what we wanted to do, I noticed that Bizarro hadn't run any trains in about 10minutes or so, and a few minutes later an empty train went by. My littlest cousin wanted to go on Thunderbolt, so we headed over that way. The queue was full, and nobody had any desire to wait 45 minutes for the ride, so we started toward Cyclone. On our way over, all of my cousins wanted to ride Shipwreck Falls, so my family waited for them to get off. I didn't want to ride since I wasn't feeling well after eating at Johnny Rocket's, and I wasn't in the mood for getting wet either. My family sat in the shaded area next to the Great Chase while we waited. While we were sitting there, I heard Bizarro testing with numerous empty trains. After waiting probably about 25 to 30 minutes, they got off, and we continued going over to cyclone.

We got on line while my uncle and parents sat out and waited for us. From past experience, I was expecting about an hour wait. While on line I noticed that they were running two trains, which pretty much amazed me, since I haven't seen two trains running on Cyclone in probably 4 years. The line was going very slow as usual, but when we were about halfway through the line it actually started to move pretty fast, and we got on the ride in half an hour at the most. Up until then, I had always been lucky enough to have pretty good rides on Cyclone without experiencing much roughness, but I guess my luck had run out. Through most of the ride, I found myself saying "oww" over and over again. I felt like my internal organs were thrashing around in my stomache. I did however still find some enjoyment in the ride, and I'd give it a 6/10.

My cousin that was afraid to ride Batman before changed her mind and wanted to ride it, so we decided to go over and ride it again. After my aunt handed out motrin to all of those who had decided to ride Cyclone, we headed off. On our way two of my cousins got on line for the scrambler so we waited while they were going on. My uncle wanted to try Flashback since he had never been on it before, and I went to go on it with him. I assumed the line wouldn't be that long, since afterall it is just another boomerang clone, and surely most of the GP had been on one before and would just decide to skip it. Of course I was wrong, and the queue was completely filled. We decided not to wait, and continued our way over to Batman once the cousins got off the scrambler.

Since we were going in that general direction, we went over to go check the line for Bizzaro again. The line was still about 2 1/2 hours, so we just continued on to Batman. On our way, we checked the line for Mind Eraser, which had a wait of well over an hour, and decided to skip that too.

We got on line for Batman, and my parents once again sat out. My brother did this time too. The line was alot longer than it was before, but we waited anyway. After being on line for around an hour, the ride went down. We didn't get off line though, and they had it running again in about 15 minutes. Before we got on, I noticed that the flashpass line was also big. It was about as long as the regular line for Batman usually is on any other time I've been to the park, which although isn't that big it seems like it when all of those people are getting on before you making the regular wait even longer. After waiting at least an hour and a half, we got on the ride. My cousin loved it, which really didn't surprise me at all since she's been on Bizarro before and liked that.

We went over to check the line for Bizarro one last time. The queue was almost completely filled, and the wait was now over 2 1/2 hours, and there was no way we were going to wait for it. We headed on our way out, checking the line for Thunderbolt as we went. The line was still mostly full, and once again we opted not to wait for it. Our last ride of the day ended up being the Carousel, which had virtually no wait. I hadn't been on the Carousel in 7 or 8 years, and thought it was ok.

Overall, I thought our day was on the crappy side. The park was just way too crowded. It didn't help that the ride ops on most of the rides were going painfully slow. The park was for the most part clean, and the staff for the most part friendly. This was only the second crappy Six Flags experience that I can remember. The other was during Frighfest in 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure, where we only got on 2 or 3 rides on a Saturday. We're going again in two weeks, and with a much bigger party. Hopefully, we'll get to the park at the park at or before opening so we can get a ride in on Bizarro then. Thanks for reading :)

Wow...I'm glad I didn't head out there (I was certainly thinking about it). I DO want to hit this park sometime during my vacation, but I just don't think I'm up to the heat and the crowds right now. Maybe if I go on a Wednesday or something...? I would really really really REALLY like to ride Bizarro this year....maybe will hit Busch Gardens instead though. Great trip report though!

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I guess I really damn stinkin' lucky on my trip on 7/5.

I do have to agree with you than Thunderbolt is slow as heck.

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I was at the park on 8/8 as well. I was in that line for Bizarro when it went down for about a half hour right near the station. The most incredible thing happened. They announced the ride was down and NO ONE left the line. I was only about 3 cycles away from getting on but I couldn't belive that even people way in the back stayed, I have never seen that before.

As far as the ride itself, I loved the layout, airtime, and the misters. After waiting in the line for about 1 hour and 15 minutes and then the breakdown, I made sure I was going to sit in the back seat and it was awesome from back there.

I thought the fire was stupid as you had no idea it was even there as you were whizzing by and I absolutely hated the speakers, that was the worst part of the ride and it made the ride a lot less fun than it would have been without them. I personally think they are a waste of money.

Major plus, ride ops were hustling people through at a pretty good clip.

I also got a kick out of Thunderbolt, I really enjoyed it. It was the surprise ride of the trip for me.

On a side note, I did the after 5 evening special at Lake Compounce the night before and BoulderDash was by far my favorite coaster of the trip. I really enjoyed Superman:ROS (Bizarro) but I LOVED BoulderDash. :)

I'm glad that you at least managed to get on. I was surprised at how long the line was, I had never seen the line that long before except once, which was the first time I ever went to the park in I think 2001. The queue was completely filled and the line was out into the midway.

I've never been to Lake Compounce, but I'd really like to go. I doubt I'll ever convince my parents to bring me though, I'll probably have to wait until I'm 18 and have my license and a car.

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