Six Flags NE 7/5/09: How Bizaro

Well, I FINALLY did it. I made it down to SFNE for the first time. I just HAD to check out the only coaster to beat MF in the steel rankings, plus check out what I've been missing down there.

I left my house about 6:00 AM for the 2.5 hour drive to the park, and arrived just as they opened the gates for the parking lot at 9:00. I was at the park gate by 9:30 and waiting to get in. The crew was very happy to answer any questions while I was waiting.

The gates opened, and after the obligitory opening show, people dashed almost to Bizarro. I say almost, because when the herd got to the entance to Superhero Island, secutiry walked the group down, with a stern warning, "if you pass us, you WILL be thrown out of the park."

Onto the ride itself: Holy Snot! I can see WHY it be MF in the polls. Of course, after three rides over the day (longest wait was about 35 minutes), it dawned on me that it's like if Magnum and MF had a kid, a warped, twisted kid. :)

Mind Eraser lived up to it name (my ears still hurt), and Batman kicked butt.

Unfortunily, the woodies at SFNE need some help, TERBIBLY! Cyclone gave me a minor case of whiplash. You can add it to the burn pile with SOB. Thunderbolt, on the other hand, would be salvageable. The thing, despite being an ACE landmark, needs a coat of paint worse than Rush Lindbah needs to have his mouth sewed shut.

The park itself was neat as a pin. I don't know what you guys are busting SF about being unclean.

The staff throughout the park was very courtous, polite, and freindly.

The only other qualm I had with SF was the food prices. $14 for a dog, soda, and fries??? $3.50 for a bottle of Coke? $7 for a slice of cheese pizza??? I know SF is in Chapter 11, but gouging your patrons is no way to climb out.

Overall Six Flags gets 5 out 6 flags for fun.

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You know what I find strange at Six Flags? Some foods and souveneirs are an awesome deal, or they are at least cheaper than at other parks (soda/tea/bottled water are all cheaper at Six Flags than at Kings Dominion for example). Then other things are ridiculous. Like 1.00 per ride per rider for lockers. 15.00 dollars for parking and 25.00 for preferred. Hershey is 10, Dorney is 8 or 9...if I remember correctly, even Universal and Sea World were cheaper than Six Flags parking. The inconsistency is interesting.

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Yeah. I did find $15 for parking a bit high for a park, but then again, people in Boston pay $150,000 for a parking space.

Another thing that struck me a funky, odd & weird, Cold Stone AND Ben &jeery's in the same park. Ya think they'd go with one or the other.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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The dumbest thing about Six Flags pricing is that each of their parks have different rates on their season passes, but you can use any of the park's season passes at the other parks. But yes, $7 slices of pizza are steep too.

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