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Just noticed that Six Flags has populated some "rewards" that are redeemable under their new Membership Rewards points program. As mentioned before, earning was supposed to start in 2019. While you can earn 50 points for entering a park, and 3 or more points for "checking in" to various rides, shows and attractions, you get 25 points for each dollar spent. So obviously, spending just a few dollars eclipses what you can "earn" for free by running around the park, etc. (we can discuss the merits of the system, it's efficacy, and whether it really moves the needle at all on revenue or Pass/Membership enrollment later).

This may have gone live earlier, but today was the first day I had seen it. Use this as a first hint at what's on offer. So far it appears to be free food items, "earned" discounts on retail purchases ($10 Off or 35% all day), maybe 1 or 2 "unique" souvenir options, and one "experience" (see last item on the list). No mention of ERT, early admission, or other unique benefits that were hinted at in the earlier press releases and/or website descriptions of the program. Those are sure to follow.

Minor sampling:

Small Cotton Candy - 750 pts

Rock Candy Stick (normally 1,250) now discount at 750 pts

Large Coca Cola (normally 1,100) now discount at 1,000 pts

Sport bag (small drawstring back pack type) 2,500 pts

Churro 2,500 pts

weekday waterpark tube rental 4,000 pts

Skycoaster (1-ride) 6,000 pts

Giraffe Feeding (SFDK only) (normally 11,000 pts) now discount at 7,500 points

Again, I think these are beta test items, so they may have no relationship to actual price points or product offerings, but throwing it out there for you to judge. If anyone has a pass/membership, you can find the list on the page,

Curious at that "previous" and "now discounted" pricing, as the program wasn't supposed to have gone live yet, so there was never a prior price point to discount. However, you can see that they are planning on a discounting mechanism so that will be fun to watch.

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So far,

Visited distant park = 100pts, Spent $20 = 500pts. Visited home park = 50pts.

Has earning actually started yet, or is that your run rate so far?

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It would be neat if they just offered an experience so compelling that you couldn't help but spend money on it. That would be a solid reward.

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While I am no fan of Six Flags America, I really love going to Six Flags Great America and Great Adventure. I've been to at least 15 parks this year and I would rate those 2 parks in my top 5 for best visits. My 2nd best trip of the year was to Great Adventure a few weeks ago. The last time I was at Great America, I didn't even ride much but just enjoyed walking around and checking things out that I really hadn't before. My biggest complaint about Great Adventure is that they need to repaint many of their rides. I would gladly pay more for my membership if it went towards that. The worst experience I had this past summer was at Dorney Park. How does it take 15-20 minutes to get 2 trains dispatched on Talon? While it is actually a pretty park, it doesn't do much good when it takes longer to empty out a nearly empty station than it does to empty a line that is out of the building. Later that night, while at Great Adventure, ops were dispatching the 1 train on El Toro faster. As far as dispatches go, even with 1 train, at worst, and mostly due to overweight people, El Toro might have been giving 500 rides per hour and with very few Flash Pass users. I'll gladly take that over the 3 train operation that gets 375 non-FL users per hour to be able to ride Steel Vengeance. Great Adventure also doesn't give every other Kingda Ka train to FP users, either.

zoug68- You just might be the most unenthusiastic enthusiast as of late. Any good experiences during your travels?!? Let me say we’ve visited Dorney each of the last twos falls and didn’t experience anything close to what you’re describing...

But then again, what do I know?

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He just mentioned his positive experiences at Great Adventure and and Great America. I've had decent experiences at Dorney, too, but even then I've had a couple issues during one of my visits there, so it's not unreasonable to hear of someone having a lousy time. Haven't we all experienced less than stellar days at parks we otherwise enjoy?

He did, and then followed it up with his biggest complaints. Man if I had a list of complaints every time I went to a park I’d find a new hobby.

But then again, what do I know?

Know what, I retract my last two posts. I’m in a rotten mood and seeing the negative in everything right now. Zoug has posted plenty of good stuff here.

But then again, what do I know?

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I just recently upgraded to a diamond premier (or whatever the highest level is) membership.

I like that they’re trying. And I like the benefits I got out of my first visit (free drinks for life if membership, 2 free flash passes each visit, free notice photo, 50% off which meant my lunch was like $6).

I like the perks. I wish they’d just make the overall product a little better.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I think it’s Mega Ultimate Grand Supreme.

I like the perks. I wish they’d just make the overall product a little better.

If they did that, they would be less likely to need to offer the perks.

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