Six Flags Membership Question

So, now that Six Flags seems to have discontinued the membership program, does any one know what the status is for those of us who have memberships related to inter-park transferability. We're looking to possibly take a vacation and looking at a couple of Six Flags Parks if our membership still works there. As best as I can tell, that was the case when we purchased the membership, but up to date info is hard to find. Anyone have experience with the memberships recently at non-home parks?

My understanding was that as long as you keep your membership active you keep those benefits. That was a benefit, as well as free parking, of your membership. I wouldn't count on it being available next year though. Maybe start a chat with the SixFlags bot?

Can confirm, just used my legacy SFMM Diamond Elite membership at SFA and SFGadv. Was able to make parking reservations and use my dining plan and skip the line passes at both parks as well.

From my reading of the contract there is no provision for them to reduce any of the promoted benefits that were advertised when we bought the membership, and they also explicitly state that the membership continues in perpetuity as long as we keep paying the monthly fee. The only thing they can really do is jack the price up after your first 12 month period is complete, and there is no limit to how much they can raise the price.

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Thanks for the info... Now to try and plan the trip....

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