Six Flags Magic Mountain to close Colossus in August

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Six Flags Magic Mountain’s iconic roller coaster Colossus will close Aug. 16 after a 36-year run, officials at the Santa Clarita Valley theme park announced Tuesday.

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I am very sad to hear this. I've only been to Magic Mountain once, but riding Colossus was something I really looked forward to. Not so much for the ride itself, but because I remember seeing the ride in 'Vacation' when I was a kid and thought it looked fun.

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I was always amazed at how little the I-beams did in terms of making the ride smoother...hard to believe it was THAT bumpy.

Seems like a REALLY good candidate for RMC-ification...the article seems to *suggest* that that won't be an option.

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Even if it is being RMC'ed it would technically be closing and if they rename it then they are being truthful about it going away (in name anyway) I personally think it's a marketing's closing so people rush to the park to ride it, then it reopens next season as Iron Colossus and people are happy that it came back. Win Win scenario for SFMM?

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Sure. They already did the exact same thing for Texas Giant. Though I'm not sure how big the rush to get a last ride on a bad coaster is...though I guess if it's larger than zero, it's a win for the park.

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Never underestimate the "nostalgia" factor in Southern California. It's surprisingly powerful.

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