Six Flags Magic Mountain Sunday June 3

This was like my 40 something time going to sfmm. We were supposed to stay for about 3 hours but we stayed for 5. It wasn't very crowded but it sure was hot. My brother, two of my friends, my mom, and I went. We were planning on heading to Apocalypse first so we could go on without a line. But the boys (my brother and one of the friends) wanted to ride Revolution. Revolution is almost always the first roller coaster we go on.

Well, I'd never found it to be a headbanger. It was a five minute wait. I could stand up in my restraints and the ride checker people (I forget what they're called right now) ignored me. So I pushed down super hard during the lift and omg it hurt so bad. It's a good classic ride, but whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH DOWN SUPER HARD ON YOUR OTSR's! Still fun. 6.5 out of ten.

We started towards Apocalypse and my friend wanted to ride Ninja. It was a walk-on, so I thought eh, why not. We sat last row. It was the same old ride as it usually is. 7.5 out of ten.

We got to Apocalypse. Oh now I remember the word, ride attendant. Back to Apocalypse. It was a walk on. Again we sat in the back. I know it's small and not the most extreme coaster out there, but this is one of my favorites. I love the theming and all of the twists. 9 out of ten.

We went on Jet Stream and, well, it's just your standard log flume without logs. I liked Log Jammer better, but, alas, it's gone. Log Flumes are great family fun and a good way to cool off. Since I have a season pass, we bought a USB chords where you can get free pictures from a girl at the place at Jet Stream picture viewing place. 7 out of ten.

After Jet Stream, we went on Gold Rusher. I decided to close my eyes and see how that felt. It was fun. 7 out of ten.

It was hot out so we went on Tidal Wave. It's weird, the front was the shortest line of all. A one train wait.. It's a good ride to relax on, It's a good family ride. I didn't go on the bridge and get soaked because I hate getting soaked if I'm not in a bathing suit. 7 out of ten.

We checked Green Lantern's Line but nobody else wanted to ride. So my brother, my friend that's a guy, and my friend that's a girl (like me) rode. I would probably get sick on that, even though I've been on it a couple times. So I just filmed it.

Colossus was up next. They were using the other side today, the one used for going backwards. The line was about five minutes. Colossus seemed pretty smooth today. 8 out of ten.

We walked to Scream to find a five minute wait. It was pretty fun, except it seemed a little bit rougher than the last time I rode it. I like this coaster a lot, even though it's a parking lot coaster and many people don't like it. 8 out of ten.

We tried Batman and waited for fifteen minutes. It's fun, forceful, and stuff. I just wish it was longer. 8.5 out of ten.

Tatsu had a huge line so we skipped it. Me and my friend that's a girl rode Goliath while the others rode Viper. Goliath was cool in the first half but we came to a complete stop in the midcourse brakerun. Weird. I tried to keep from greying out in the helix of death. I started to grey out so I closed my eyes. But then I like couldn't open them for a second. So what happened? 7 out of ten.

My friend decided to try Goliath because he's scared of heights so we went on Goliath again. I closed my eyes on the helix and I didn't grey out. Yay. 8.5 out of ten.

We left at 4 PM and got dinner the drove home. It was a pretty good day.

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I often wonder what Magic mountain would be like. Must have been nice to get on all those coasters with very little waiting. It's very seldom where I can go to a big park like Cedar Point or Great America, and find coasters with little or no wait. The main coasters at Magic Mountain that interest me are Colossus, Batman, Ninja, Tatsu, Revolution, and Riddler's Revenge. Maybe Viper and Apocalypse. Otherwise, I'm sure it would be great just to visit California!

But, I heard that the crowds at Magic Mountain can be horrible. Sounds like you lucked out. You didn't happen to have one of those skip the lines passes did you? And, you didn't mention Riddler's Revenge in your post. Any other great rides there worth mention?

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I didn't have a skip the line pass. They're too expensive for me and I go very often here. The reason I didn't mention Riddler's Revenge is because I'm only five foot 2 (well I'm tall for my age, but short compared to adults) and they sometimes lock the restraints before I can stand and I'm left hanging. It kind of hurts so I usually don't ride this ride very often.

Apocalypse is a great ride. It's small but fast and fun. Scream's also a good ride. Yeah so what if it's on a parking lot. Goliath is a fun ride (with the exception of the helix of death). Well I'm not a huge fan of X2 but if you ever come to SFMM you have to ride.

I'm going to Cedar Point, King's Island, and King's Dominion, and maybe Dorney Park this summer. I hope there's tolerable lines.

I know at least in the case of Dorney, if you come before July and you go to the park during the week, it is not so bad. It seems like after July 4th, the crowds really pick up. In any case, I hope you enjoy your trip!

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Oh I'm going in August. Oh well.

You'll still really like it. Dorney is a nice little park, and I like it as my home park. Plus, it is also a great layout in some ways. For instance, at the entrance, there are three coasters. You can knock those out of the way, hit different flat rides (Apollo being one of the few remaining that I have seen) on the way down to the other coasters, and then hit four more coasters in quick succession. Even with lines being heavier at that time, you should easily be able to ride everything you want at least once because you won't be walking all day to get to each attraction. I live super close to the park and have been going there repeatedly since I was five, so if you have any questions about the rides or some good deals, I might have an answer for you...possibly. I tend to go to some other parks more now because I've done Dorney to death, so some things I might be able to help you with, but I will try.

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Um,okay. Is hydra really as bad as people say cuz it looks fun to me. The jojo roll looks awesome. Talon and Possessed look fun. And I want to go on demon drop cuz ive never been on one of those. I don't even know if i'm going or not but i have a cedar fair platinum pass so i could get in. I really want to go though. Their rides look super fun

how do you pronounce dorney anyway. door-knee?

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Hydra does look fun, but for some reason it's just spectacularly underwhelming. I wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed, either. I would have settled for whelmed.

"Door-Knee" is correct.

I've never been a big fan of Hydra. The jo-jo roll is odd but cool, but the rest of the ride doesn't do much for me. Dorney has one GREAT coaster in Talon, a decent selection of flats, a terrific water park, that sadly, I never make use of, and the soaking-est raft ride in existence.

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I actually thoroughly enjoy Hydra. What it lacks in terms of higher speeds and general exhilaration, it makes up for with perhaps the most bizarre inversion sequence of any coaster I've yet ridden. Talon definitely is definitely more of a rush, but all in all, they're both pretty even on my list.

As far as Apocalypse, it's great to hear someone else speak highly of it. It definitely has that next-generation-GCII feel to it like Prowler and Evel Knievel. I put it up there as one of my favorite wooden coasters.

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