Six Flags Magic Mountain ready for state visit to show pandemic readiness

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Six Flags Magic Mountain officials said Friday they’re awaiting visits from state officials who are reviewing reopening plans, after Gov. Gavin Newsom said last week there was “no hurry” in resuming their operations. The state has already visited Disneyland, Universal Studios and Pacific Park to take a look at safety measures that parks of various sizes have laid out.

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This is kind of a sketchy visit. Governor Newsom literally gave his appointees in office a trip to the other Disney, while the rest of California suffers in economic loss and a lack of safe, NON-VIRTUAL entertainment. Sure, he said that it was going to be 'health first', but we shall see. Hopefully Newsom won't be at the center of controversy.

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Yes, because the Florida thing was a total pleasure trip.

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And now, Six Flags will get the guidelines they're looking for today at noon!

Not exactly sure which thread this belongs in but CA just released their reopening guidelines. A summary from this article (

Small parks (defined by < 15k capacity) can reopen in the Orange Tier, only to people that live in that county and at 25% of capacity or 500 people whichever is smaller.

Large parks can only reopen in the Yellow Tier at 25% capacity.

I'm personally more interested in the parks near me in the Bay Area, specifically SFDK (since CGA already is closed for the year). Solano County (where SFDK is) is still in the Red Tire but could hypothetically move to Yellow in the next few weeks/months. AFAIK SFDK qualifies as a smaller park since it's capacity is ~12k (got the number from but I'm curious if they would consider opening their rides considering that they'd have to cut their current 2k capacity down to 500 and would only be open to Solano County residents. I'd assume they would just remain open as a zoo and enjoy the higher capacity but I could definitely see an argument the other way especially if they were able to charge an even higher than usual price for a more "premium" experience of less guests. Now would enough Solano County residents be willing to buy those tickets, I'm not sure but it's an interesting question.

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From what I've been reading, Disneyland, Universal, Knott's & Magic Mountain can just forget about opening until sometime in mid 2021 at best. Unless they pull an Ohio.

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I imagine it will go to court. That may be a good thing, because it will force a conversation about science and the wildly different rules from state to state.

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Oh I hope it pulls an Ohio, BrettV!

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