Six Flags Magic Mountain new rides

They are retheming X, and Thomas Town is coming. What about the park having 14 world-haven coasters? What other roller coaster is getting removed besides most likely Flashback? Is there Deja Vu going goodbye too?

X has a theme?
^Didn't some of the later pictures included a Mustafar theme going on? ;)
New trains and audio? Wow. X was cool, but if it had sound, it would be even cooler.
I assume S&S is doing the work on X?
As a side note, if DejaVu is coming out, I find it quite ironic they have it pictured on the "best coasters on the planet" advertisement on their home page. :)
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This $10 million investment features completely redesigned, sleeker trains and introduces all-new, innovative state-of-the-art visual, audio and sensory effects. X will move from the 4th dimension to the 5th and become X2!

That pain you feel - it's just a sensory effect! That's how fun feels!

So whats the total price tag for X up to now?

I understand the new trains, but you don't need to make your most exciting coaster, especially with the low capacity and downtime issues it already has, any more appealing. I find it hard to believe that these new trains will bring capacity to the level it needs to be at, and eliminate downtimes. If it does great. Still its already a ride that brings the people in nothing else needs to be done to it.

Whose paying this 10 million? Doesn't seem like the amount of money that Six Flags would be investing into a ride like that at this current time. This is the most money that the new regime has spent on a coaster since taking over, and its not even new...

Original price was $25ish, no? I heard that they had darn near doubled that amount in the last 6 years with fixes and upkeep. To add another $10 is one hell of an investment.

But, as Intaminhater said....all those enhancements sound great, but if the darn thing still only hits 400-500pph, so what?

I personally hope the ride quality is improved. X ranks up with a specific year 2000 SOB ride as the worst beating I've received on a ride.

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I HATE rough coasters. Most of you know I complain about Maverick for being a neck chopper. :) But, I actually loved X. I loved it so much we rode a second time immediately following our first ride. It didn't even come close to making my head hurt.

edit: Oh yeah. I love to see them making this coaster better. So often we see people just ripping out rides or leaving them suck. So, it's a nice change to see a company sticking with something to make it the best it can be. *** Edited 11/1/2007 6:17:23 PM UTC by halltd***

I don't think anyone hit the point of how genius SFMM is by making a move like this.

They're taking a very popular/unique ride that pulls in crowds, but its performance was never that great. What does SFMM do, they are going to try their best to fix the performance and best of all re-market it as a brand new ride.

While this idea probably doesn't go over well with Coasterbuzz members, the public doesn't know any better. I really think it's a great move and will allow them to get a little spike in attendance to make up for the cost of repairs.

I'm very impressed by the route SFI has taken. Kids area galore at every park clearly shows they understand what the company lacked. It just never gets said enough on here because everything usually revolves around coasters.

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They don't know any better?

"Gee, I rode this ride last year and it sucked. Now it's got lights and music...and still sucks. But I love Six Flags!"

How stupid do you think people are?

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I completely agree that I too am impressed with the route SFI has chosen.

Removing and/or improving rides that aren't reliable, or for that matter fascinating. (Deja Vu's, Chiller, improving X,)

Then replacing them with new family attractions reduces maintenance while balancing out the "thrill" aspects of the park with the "family" aspects the park draws now. If only they knew this in 2000... =o)

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The X thing at first was a head-scratcher but it makes sense to me. If they can fix the ride and get it running like it could, that's a great step but probably pretty pricey. It makes sense to add something more marketable (and cheap) to the ride at the same time which would in theory improve the ROI from the new trains, I'd imagine.

Train improvements on their own ain't especially sexy except to nerds like us. :)

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Frankly, if the new set-up/trains don't get capacity to at least *reasonable*, they could put in speakers, fog, strobes, and pyrotechnics and still have a loser on their hands...

My hope (guess?) is that SFMM already knows that the capacity will be greatly improved on re-opening. Maybe I just have THAT much faith in the new GM? Seems plausible... ;)

For me (and probably some of you), it might have been better had they spent half as much returning Revolution back to its former glory...but for MM's regular guests, this is probably the smarter move.

Do I really sound like one of those commercials for Frosted Mini Wheats? :)

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How is the 4th dimension in Japan doing? I mean that thing really needs to have some sturdy capacity I would assume before Six Flags ups the anti with X.

Do you think that S&S could be picking up the tab for X2? I just don't see Six Flags putting this much into this ride. How much of that 10 million do you suppose are for the trains alone? How much of the ride will be "tunneled"? Do you think the audio will play on the trains? Does the term launch being repeated over and over in everything they write about the ride for 2008 hint to any new ride features?

To answer the question about the 14, that includes Deja Vu. The park had 16, then removed Pysclone, and finally are admitting that Flashback is being is taken down. There are technically 15 coasters standing, but it's kind of stretch to claim Goliath Jr. is "world class." However, it's within the realm of possibility that the press release did accidentally reveal the removal of Deja Vu if they did mean to include Goliath Jr. as one of the 14. The mystery deepens.

Good move on the re-theme imo, it's about time they do what Disney has been doing so well with the Space Mountains, POTC. Plus, it's not like nearly all the rides at SFMM couldn't use some theme elements.

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What is MM thinking? How exactly is adding a "theme" to X going to help anything? How are you going to theme the thing anyways? It never even had theming. It's just dumb, I mean they can't even handle theming.


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