Six Flags Magic Mountain has fuzzy dice!

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Some dorms at my school were taking a trip to SFMM and I could not turn it down. This would be my ninth visit to the park and my fifth year in a row. I was also going to meet Tom Zeliff (of there. It would be great to hang out with another enthusiast!

We left the University of Arizona about 20 minutes behind schedule because the bus people gave us a bus with four less seats than the number of people we had. Or something. Somehow the four people who didn’t have seats found seats on the other bus and we were on our way.

We stopped at least three times on the way. I guess the driver was tired because he got coffee at one place and stopped to walk around at another. He was also swerving a little bit which is a bit unnerving. A guy sitting up front decided to talk to him the rest of the way, so they chatted about driving across the country, high winds, ATVs, and other random things so we wouldn’t wreck.

We stopped for food before heading to the park. I finished my pancakes and we were off!

It sure was windy and chilly! There was a relatively strong breeze and the wind chill made it a bit cold today. Good thing I brought a jacket! I was with my friend Michelle and we hung out the whole day.

We arrived at the park about five minutes after it opened and waited about ten to get our tickets. I got mine and went to the gate where I was to meet Tom. He wasn’t there, so I called him and left a message on his voice mail. I headed off to see if X was running and ran into Tom! He said X wasn’t running yet so we decided to hit Flashback. There was a goose sitting in front of the ride.

I rode this coaster about four years ago and was not impressed. The head banging was not fun and the ride was incredibly rough. Darn those trains! The ride was a walk on! Tom told me how to ride it correctly and it was enjoyable! There’s some airtime on it and it’s actually pretty fun. It also has some nice forces in the helix. Those space dives are something else.

Up next was Goliath (I know. I cut off the 'H'). After waiting for about 50 minutes to get on and listening to Tom tell me the funny mishap in the design of the ride (basically, there was a six inch gap between two track pieces when they finished the ride. Giovanola miscalculated), we went to the back seat and we were off! Goliath has nice airtime down the first and second drops and the camelback offers great floater air. The brakes didn’t seem to be on too bad and we got some nice forces in the helix. I like this ride a lot!

Climbing the lift hill, I saw Scream! You get a great view of the park from Goliath’s lift. That coaster looks great! All three trains were in the transfer table and one had water dummies in it. It didn’t test.

Batman was next. This is one incredible ride. It’s short, but packed with intensity. We sat in the front row.The wind must have slowed it down a little since the forces weren’t as strong as normal and it went a little slower through the elements. It’s still a great, smooth ride!

After Batman we went to one of my favorites, Gold Rusher! I still love this ride! Of course it was practically a walk on. We went to the back seat and started our ride. Most of this ride is covered heavily with trees. It’s a great terrain coaster. Watch out for the gum support on the first lift hill! Yuck. I love the head choppers on GR. The helix finale is great, but it seemed to be running a little slower today. It may have been the cold.

We walked by some dorks on the Ham on Rye. I’ll skip that, thank you very much. I can make a fool of myself for free. Tom knows this.

ThrillShot just sat there closed.

Michelle stepped into a shop and noticed how crazy it was inside. Fuzzy dice, fuzzy pens, crazy hats, and lots of things to waste money on rested in this store. The cheerleaders here today would probably eat that up. SFMM has fuzzy dice!

We walked to a candy shop where Michelle bought a chocolate covered strawberry. Tom and I stood there looking at the candy. Tom noticed that SFMM was selling jam! His comment: “They’re trying to be like Knott’s.” Haha!

X was still closed and we were hungry. Tom told us it was better to leave the park to get food, so we left for lunch. We got our hands stamped then took the ghetto tram to his vehicle. Scream! sits out in the parking lot, which offers nice views of it.

We passed by the two raven turns on X and Tom got out to fiddle with his CD player while I snapped some pictures. Two trains sat on the transfer track and one was in the transfer area of the brake run.

So we drove off and found a place to eat. The food was good and cheaper than a meal at SFMM. Good idea, Tom! Hey, we drove on Magic Mountain Parkway.

On the way back before entering the area to pay for tickets, Tom heard X’s reset siren going off. That meant they were resetting everything and possibly preparing to test it!

We got back to the park. I had no idea parking cost $8, but Tom had a ticket thingy to let him park again the same day. It’s a nice system! From his new parking spot, we got some great views of Scream! and took some pictures of it. Mmmm. It looks good.

We went over to X and waited on the steps by the bridge, where a line had begun to form. They were testing the ride and it was crawling through the turnaround. It sped up a bit after each run though.

People must know what that siren means! After a while, they opened it up and the running of the bulls began! We got to the queue where an employee told us to back up a little so he could open it. He opened it and people crowded. Some people started running and jumping queue rails, knocking into trees, cutting in front of people and other stuff. It was utter chaos! You get some good views of Viper from X’s queue.

We walked through the queue and got into the station, parking lot side! Yes! Tom and I queued for the back and Michelle got in the row in front of us. Boy I hope she wasn’t annoyed by our crazy antics. Anyway, we waited about 45 minutes to move the ten feet to the seats. Arg. It was all good, though.

This ride is simply incredible. Words cannot describe it. The view on the lift is great! I would have taken a picture, but I figured it was better not to. I’d rather throw my arms in the air instead of securing my camera. This ride has the craziest drop I have ever been on. Nothing can match having an unobstructed view of the ground from 200 feet up! Wow. Just ride X. I can’t tell how disorienting and great it is. The half-and-halfs can’t be beat!

After X we tried for Revolution. We got into the station after about a 15-minute wait and the darn thing broke down! Mechanics were called over so we decided to leave. People were sitting in the last brakes and they started dispatching empty trains. Darn.

Next was Viper. This ride’s a lot more fun when you don’t have sunburned shoulders. It’s got great lateral forces down the drop and in the turnaround. The three loops have great positive Gs and the trim brakes don’t take too much speed away. The MCBR takes a lot of speed away, but it’s good since you get nice hang time in those incredible Arrow corkscrews!

It was night now and that meant a ride on the great Riddler’s Revenge! We chose the back seat, of course. This was one incredible ride. The forces are great. I can’t imagine what it’d be like if we were in the fast train (Tom told me train #2, Jerry, is the fast one). The brakes were hardly on in the MCBR and we flew around the track. I love this ride so much. It’s packed with positive Gs and I still stand (Get it? haha!) in saying the last corkscrew is the best corkscrew I have ever been through.

A night ride on Goliath was needed so we headed over there. On our way we saw some people jumping around and chasing some furry creature around. I took a couple pictures of it. Isn't it cute? It’s some muskrat monster or something. I have no idea. It was neat!

The Big G. Tom and Michelle chose to sit in the back while I sat one seat in front of them. I think Tom was a little nervous about it, though. The lift is lit up green at night, which really stands out. Why is it green on an orange ride though? This ride is spectacular at night in the back! The helix seemed more powerful. Goliath is outstanding.

Up next we hopped on Bench: The Ride. Tom and I had an excellent time!

We rode Gold Rusher a couple more times to bring the total to four. I love it at night! It was crawling through some spots though. The hill before the second lift and the hill after the big drop off the second lift were crawlers. I would have hated to think what would happen if we rolled back. We might have missed the bus! It’d be quite the experience though.

It was time to leave now, so we walked to the bus. We chatted for a bit and decided to meet at In-N-Out. Tom took my order and headed there. Our buses drove there and Tom had the meal ordered. I got our drinks and sat down as he took Michelle to Taco Bell. Our order came up and we sat down to eat it. Man those burgers are good. Too bad about the fries though. They’re only decent. We finished our meal and had to get back on the bus. We said bye to Tom and went on our way. This was a great visit to the park! Tom’s a really cool guy. I hope to do SFMM again or visit Knott’s with Tom sometime. We’ll see.

*edit* Some links fixed. :)
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A very illustrious TR. ;)

Sometimes I wonder whether Vekoma would be better off just changing their name...
Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Wow, you just made me really excited that I am going to sfmm this Thursday and Friday. Great TR! I loved the pictures.

We're back...

Looks like someone got a new camera. ;)
Yo I really liked your report and the pictures gave a good point of view of what you see in person. Best one I read so far.
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Awesome TR. It must have taken quite a while to set it up. Well done. Looks like a good time was had by all!

SCREAM with me... in 2003!

Great TR Haux! I like that picture-story format. Sure enough Six Flags Magic Mountain DOES have fuzzy dice. Hmm. LOL

Tom Zeliff (Ride_Op) and I are both on the NoLimits Dev Team and I know you from so it was fun to see some wacky pictures of you two. :)

Anyway sounds like you had a blast. I'll be down there (SFMM, KBF, DL, DCA) in August so if you get the oportunity to go again please join us.

Kevin Stone
NoLimits Dev Team

Did you stab your pancakes? Looks like they are bleeding to death! ;)

A day is a drop of water in the ocean of eternity. A week is seven drops.

Kudos on a great TR! I loved the format! SFMM is a great park, I'll be dropping by this summer on vacation.

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