Six Flags Magic Mountain finally go bye-bye?

...well, maybe, but maybe not.

On the Six Flags main page, in the drop-down menu for 2008 Season Passes, Magic Mountain is the only park missing.

In addition, every single home page for every Six Flags park, regardless if they are getting anything new next year (so that includes Kentucky Kingdom and America), has been updated with a "6 Reason to Buy a 2008 Season Pass" flash. Except for Magic Mountain.

So...I'm thinking this is either an indicator of either this park waiting for another date to announce their 2008 additions (whether it be rides, shows, dining options, etc.) to coincide with their 2008 Play Pass/Season Pass pricing...or this could be the end for Magic Mountain.

Am I looking too far into this? It all just seems a bit strange as how it's left out of everything on the company site. Every single park happens to be updated to reflect a 2008 season, except for Magic Mountain.

Any thoughts?

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Maybe Herschend isn't done buying yet? :)

Considering MM just replaced Del Holland with Jay Thomas, they'd be idiots to not give the park a year or two to find its feet... ;)

P.S. Just to clarify, the first one WAS a joke, the second was fer real. I know all about how it's the staff and I've heard the arguments. I've got faith in a great manager leading the way... sometimes *I* am the optomist... ;)
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I think it's more likely SFMM is holding out for a major announcement.

- Bryce

Okay, I just thought it over and realized how dumb that all sounds...

Like rollergater mentioned, Jay Thomas (former SFKK) general manager relocated to his new position at Magic Mountain in early I doubt they'd hand over new management if they decided to close the venue. (I guess I was just reading WAYYY far into it).

It's just probably a delayed 2008 announcement (not for a new ride, but for improvements) to coincide with the 2008 Pass Pricing.

But I just don't get why it's the only park that didn't release any information today about Seas Passes along with all the other Six Flags parks.

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^Any other SF parks in the US open in December or January? What about SFM?

After looking, I think SFM is also lacking that (my Spanish isn't THAT bad, hehe)....must be due to the operating season... ;)

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Six Flags didn't give up MM when the real estate market was red hot, they won't give it up now.

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

shouldn't that be SF couldn't get rid of MM when the markest was red hot, they did try didn't they?
If it is reading too far into it, it can hardly be blamed. Given the secretive acts of at least one major chain of late, I'm surprised we're not all reading tea leaves to figure out what's going on.

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You are thinking way too much. The park is open in January as by the calendar. These other parks have Fright Fest, and than they close. Thus, these other parks don't mind having a 2008 season pass right before they close so people can use it during Fright Fest. SFOT is different, but yet they are still closed almost all of November. Remember, they have a Holiday thing going also in December while SFMM doesn't. They aren't open all the months of the year either.

Magic Mountain is open all year from Jan till Dec. There is a different theory here than the other parks. Also, it says on the list that SFMM is listed as one of the 15 parks you can use your season pass at.

^ I know, you're probably right.

Magic Mountain tends to release Season Pass information in November or December -- never as early as September or October.

They just got things straightened out there so much, it would be illogical to close it just like that. Imagine CP closing -
Such a big thing doesn't just close from one year to the next, IMHO.

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It would be perfectly fine with you, right Krax? :)

Just messin'. I will say I thought Shapiro made it clear that when they decided not to unload SFMM, he was going to add a Wiggles World or Thomas Tank to the park.

If they don't for 2008, that would be a mistake as that park needs desperately something new not coaster related.

We shall see.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

^umm.. So do some other parks, but we will not mention names.

But I digress... I believe SFMM usually offers some special one day or six visit pass deals in November/December before starting to sale season passes for the next year.

A day at the park is what you make it!

Isn't there one Six Flags coaster that hasn't been announced? Is it possible it's a project at SFMM?
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^The *as yet unannounced* coaster SHOULD be the SLC at that the infrastructure (electrical, IIRC) is in place, I'm wondering what is the hold-up already?
Well I does have the 2008 passes are on sale but thur the web site it still said 2007 passes just look at the pass on the check out part.
But didn't TGE already announce its stuff for '08?
^ Yes, The Great Escape already announced a Wiggles World for 2008.

One more coaster to go. I count 7 so far.

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Maybe SFA is finally getting a new coaster. ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

...then maybe BATWING FAN SFA will finally shut his trap. ;) It will be Six Flags' way of helping out Coasterbuzz members.

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