Six Flags Magic Mountain announces West Coast Racers, racing launched roller coasters

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From the park:

West Coast Racers is a one-of-a-kind racing coaster that will feature two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed launches. The race covers two complete laps, multiple airtime hills, extreme high-banked turns and exhilarating over/under near misses. A highlight of the ride is an immersive real time “pit stop” designed and produced by world famous West Coast Customs that will provide riders with a racing experience unlike any other.

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Thumbs up if they run this correctly. It looks like trains wait on each other before launching and actually race. This makes 2 dueling or racing coasters in the park.

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Looks like a cool concept. A racing coaster where you race two different trains during your ride.

Is this Premier?


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Yay! Kinda wish it was 200 miles closer at Sea World though. They do have Manta though, which is a sweet little ride, so scratch that. Armchair Chairman says they need GCI or RMC. ;)

Looks like a low capacity ride though, less than Maverick, which had over an hour-long wait on a rainy day when we visited not long ago.

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It's a tough spot. T-Colossus almost never races, and it hurts the experience. So to fix the problem, they do this. But at the cost of capacity.

Damned if you do...

Still, looks like a great ride!

How come no one complains about the yellow track? Everyone jumped all over Steel Curtain's track. The Golden Ticket award is Steel Curtain's to lose.

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And few things are as meaningful as Golden Tickets!

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I don't remember people complaining about Steel Curtain (STeCur for short) track, but I tend to block out incessant whining about dumb crap.


Well, yeah. It’s in Stiller Land so I don’t know what was to be expected.
And don’t say everyone, because I didn’t. All I remember is everyone still whining over the loss of Log Jammer.

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Will the waiting train hurt capacity anyway? I mean, if they have a third train waiting in the final brake before the station, the station should be constantly loading and unloading, regardless of what the other train on the course is doing.

What will really kill capacity is the small size of those trains.

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All I know is, I'm going to be the one whining and complaining if there isn't a cameo by Xzibit somewhere on that ride.

You know he will be there for the opening

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