Six Flags Magic Mountain 6/16/08 (Another Hot Day)

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I was in LA for a business trip. I wanted to try out X2 and Tatsu so that I went over to SFMM for a few hours. It was close to 100oF in Santa Clarita area. Thankfully, there was no humidity to speak of. My last trip to LA was cut short and had to return home on the day Tatsu opened. I have been looking forward to riding this Flying coaster.

X2 (#60) - But first, I went over to X2. X was my second favorite steel coaster. I first rode X in 2004 and absolutely loved it. No other coaster ever gave me a disorientation such as this coaster. Well, the wait was 2 hours according to the park worker who was giving out a ticket to ride X2. I waited about 100 minutes before I got on the ride. I saw the old trains sitting on the side. I wondered what will happen to those trains. The trak was completely red now compared to pink - yellow mixture in the past. It was rather comparable to Viper right next to X2. The seats were pretty much identical to previous trains including restrain system. The ride itself was fantastic as always but the disorientation was much less with these new trains. Also, the head banging was still present in some parts. It just seemed less intense than last time I rode this in 2006. It may be that I have been on much more intense ride since then. 9/10.

Tatsu (#168) - This flyer is what I wanted to ride for two years. As I approached the queue, the park security was saying that the ride is down for mechanical reasons. Many people were complaining and walked off the queue. Of course, I got on line. The wait was about 45 minutes still. One train operation surprised me although I do not know what the breakdown was. Anyway, the line was very slow moving. To compound the problem, there was a line to Flash Pass as well. Considering one train operation, it was understandably slow. For the ride itself, this is the best flying coaster I have been on. Using Terrain to good use and being as smooth as it can be, this ride is a top notch. This will displace Firehawk as my favorite flying coaster. (10/10)

Revolution (#169) - This coaster was always down when I have been here in the past. The coaster was nothing special except for its place in history. Frankly, this coaster reminded me of Sooper Dooper Looper at Hershey Park. (4/10)

I rode Goliath and Scream before I had to go back.

Overall, X2 was somewhat of a disappointment but was more than satisfied with Tatsu. I consider these two the best ride in the park. I wish there were more 4D coaster that I can compare X2. Anyway, I will move on to Valleyfair! next in three weeks.

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No doubt Revolution's trains suck but IMHO it has a much better layout than SDL, especially those first three deep drops. While I totally enjoyed SDL -- and kudos to Hersheypark for keeping the trains in their original form! -- I was disapointed with what happens post-loop.

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Yes, but SDL does not beat the living crap out of you like Revolution. I walked off of Revolution with a splitting headache for the rest of the day. I actually rerode SDL several times :)

Certain victory.

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True, and that's where those horrid trains come into play. I wasn't claiming Revolution had the better ride experience...just the better layout ;)

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