Six Flags Magic Mountain (5/29/05) and Knotts Berry Farm (5/31/05)

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Six Flags Magic Mountain

I stayed out in California with my friend Dylan. On Sunday May 29, we woke up around 5 am, and got ready to go and hit the road from San Marco's Cal State campus around 6:30 or so, maybe 7. Took the 5 up all the way to Valencia, only stopping for gas and breakfast. We managed to get to Six Flags Magic Mountain around 9:10 or so.

Since the parking lot wasn't open until about 9:35 or so, we had a lot of sitting around. So finally we got in, and pretty much ran from the parking lot to the security checkpoints. Then we got in line to get my Season pass processed... Only, the season pass processing center didn't open until about 9:52! I had just enough time to get my pass, run to the gates, wait in a gigantic line, and get in.

We ran to X. Those stairs are killer. They hadn't opened the queues yet, but after about 10 minutes of catching my breath they opened them. We basically walked all the way up to the station, as there wasn't much of a line in front of us. We got a front seat ride on X. It was really good, and I really enjoyed it. We bought the photo, and then I went and blew my money in the gift shop by the entrance. We then took a trip out to the car, and then came back in and hit up Goliath and Scream before grabbing some lunch.

Goliath was yet again the snoozer I remember from last trip. The third airtime hill is great, and I got a couple inches of air under my butt, but I can ride Magnum's 3rd hill for that kind of air.

Scream was a DISASTER! That ride is rough. And they really did build a Parking Lot Coaster (TM). At least pour some turpentine to on the pavement to remove the parking space lines. Geez. Also, while we were waiting in line for Scream, they stopped the lift because a guest had smuggled a backpack aboard. They sent 2 workers up to get the bag, and as soon as they stepped off the train back onto the lift, they just started the thing up like it was no big deal. Didn't even wait for the workers to clear the lift.

Dylan decided he had enough, and wanted to go home. I told him no way was I going home, so it was decided that he'd go to his Grandma's or Uncles house nearby, and I'd stay and ride. I know it sounds wrong, but it worked out for the better.

I got into line for Deja Vu. I waited about an hour or so, then it broke down. 90 minutes later I was first in line, and seriously contemplating leaving line. Just then they started loading, and I got a ride on Deja Vu. That ride is freaking awesome. After that one train was dispatched, I ran back around, only to be greeted at the entrance by the worker telling us it was again down. It never did re-open.

After that, I hit up Psyclone. I couldn't miss that Dinn and Summers masterpiece. What a master piece it is. I think I might have gotten a little air, but to be honest, I couldn't tell because I was too busy being rattled and jarred around to death. Sure, I got the credit, but dang that ride sucks.

I wanted to ride Riddlers. 2 1/2 hour wait?! No thanks! I waited about 30 minutes, and rode Batman: The Ride. How they can run 2 trains and still manage to 30+ second stack is beyond me. Horrible capacity and horrible dispatch intervals. Decent ride. Pretty intense, but it sure is short. Still prefer Raptor to it.

Finished out the evening on Revolution and Viper. Revolution is still a favorite of mine. It gives such a great ride, and is quite long. Plus, it's full of history, or whatever. :)

Knott's Berry Farm

After our trip to Magic Mountain on Sunday, I was really looking forward to my trip to Knott's on Tuesday May 31. I was going to meet up with my friend Cory as well as go with Dylan. Ended up Cory brought 2 more friends, so we had a group of 5. I was able to get free parking with my Season Pass from Cedar Point (yay). I went to Guest Services, however, and they all but needed a blood and urine sample to issue me tickets. They made a copy of my pass, then called Cedar Point, and made me sign a paper that they wrote my pass number down on. Excessive, if you ask me.

Anyway, after about 20 minutes of waiting in line to get all our tickets in order, we were in the park. We went to Ghostie, which was closed, so we hit up Silver Bullet. That ride is great. I got a lot of airtime. The ride ops were complete Jackasses to me. I carry my Canon Powershot A70 on my belt with a case that zips closed. I have never had a problem with it at any park, and never had anyone even question it. The ride op made me take it off however, and doing so almost made me lose my pants. Then, when I came back into the station, the camera wasn't in the cubby hole I had left it. I wasn't happy to say the least. The ride, however, delivers some great airtime, and I think the elements are pretty cool. I actually kind of was surprised by the overbank turn. I actually *gasp* liked it. I didn't think I would.

After Silver Bullet, we hit up Jaguar. This ride surprised the heck out of me. I didn't think I'd like it.

Then we hit up Xcelerator. Cory, who had been deathly afraid of it before, was talked into riding it. And, what do you know, it quickly became his favorite at the park. Go figure.

Then we hit up the Boomerang, and looked at Riptide. I was going to ride Riptide, but I wasn't feeling completely up to it at the moment. So then we all hit up the bumper cars, which was fun even if they were slow. I hadn't ridden the Bumper Cars in awhile, and it was really fun to remember I was with a big group and to have people to hit that I know.

Then we hit up the arcade, and I played DDR. I'm sure that was funny to everyone watching. I managed to clear 2 levels, which is a first for me. I think it's something i'm going to seriously get into doing more often.

Then we hit up the Rafts. I forget the name of the ride, but it was fun. Then Ghostrider, front seat. Then Xcelerator again while Cory and his friends ate funnel cakes.

Me and Dylan then broke off, and rode Silver Bullet 3 times in a row (2 in the front row). And then we waited in line for Ghostrider again before he had to leave for the valley. We were 2 trains from getting on, and it broke down. So, we had to leave. I had to transfer my lugguage to Cory's car, and then Dylan left. We went back in and rode Silver Bullet again(that made 5 laps total) and Montezooma's Revenge front row. That ride is awesome as well. We went through the loop at the same time Jaguar was. First ride, and I got a ride that a lot of people have tried for all day.

Anyway, That ended my coaster odyssey in California. What an awesome time I had. One gripe I did have is that Xcelerator still counts glasses with straps as a loose article. A supervisor was on platform, however, and explained to me that they were trying to get the rule changed. I hope they do, as glasses with a strap makes things better on the eyes.

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Great TR. SO you never got your camera back or did I miss something?
Nah, I got it back. It was in a different cubby hole. Still was enough to give me a heart attack and make me think I had lost my baby forever.

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