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Ok well I am in Southern California for the Coachella Music Festival and being so close to SFMM my dad and my friend thought we should go and stop by and hang there during the day while the small bands play.

So the first problem of the day my dad who got his season pass in Discovery Kingdom left his pass back in Louisiana. My friend and I were planning on buying our passes today which we did. So we call the place and find out what we have to do to get my dad in. So on the phone they send us to everyone who works there and there mother. So finally we just hung up and winged it going there hoping to get in.

So arriving there having to buy my friend and my pass so we stood in line for 10 minutes because the lady in front of us decided she would make her own coupon that says she gets an extra person free. Finally she bought the second pass and we got to the window and we were done.

The first thing I noticed which got me excited was the sign that said METRO closed today, what made me this happy was because I have heard they might try and bring this ride back.

Into the gate we go to the guest relations and the lady says that my dad had to pay 25 dollars to get in, so my dad kept bugging her and told our story about our homepark getting knocked out by Katrina and WOW she gave him a free pass into the park. Then my friend and I went to get our pass all done at the pass processing place infront of the entrance and what do they say go inside the park and get your pass processed. Finally we got that done and we were off.

We went right to SCREAM to see if it was any better than it was last year. But before that we went to GOLIATH because it was on the way and it was his favorite all time coaster. Then we went in and walk on. Great it was an awsome ride, last time there it was really hot and the first drop actually became painful but this was an awsome drop and ride. My friend didnt ride because of his extreme fear of coasters and rapid car sickness problem. Oh yeah two car operation for 25 people in line!!!

Next was SCREAM which neither my dad or friend wanted to ride, I got on and went straight on. There were a total of 5 people on my train and I had the whole back seat to myself which was nice. So I was thinking that SCREAM was going to redeem itself. NO... Rough and head banging, something I was expecting from VIPER. So after being disappointed I skipped over Colossus.

Next we headed to GOLD RUSHER which my friend agreed to ride. On my way there we saw the Johnny Rockets being built, very cool. Gold Rusher had the longest line of any coaster there. One train but we didnt wait because there were two seats open and we got them. It was fun, boring, and a fun Kiddie Coaster.

Then we decided to ride Ninja because it was the other roller coaster my friend agreed to ride. As we approached it, it broke down,what a bummer. Then straight ahead was SKY TOWER which was very scary. It was nice to see this thing running. Very scary. Up there I took pictures of all around the park, The giant pit of where PSYCLONE used to be, which was very cool.

Our final ride of the day was SUPERMAN THE ESCAPE which was running the right side which was the opposite of last year. My friend came into the line with us and he was freaking out because we were waiting for the front. My friend threw up all over the line but it was right on the side of the railing. The people behind us stepped in it and didnt realize. Well the good part or what seemed to be the best part of the ride was they were giving double rides. Finally we got on my friend walked to the exit and we rode and came back and then they tell us that they cant do anymore two rides, which just ruined it for me. So that was a dissappointment.

The final result of the day was OK and I should have pictures up of the park on my myspace page tomorrow and I hope you enjoyed my trip report.

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Tatsu, X, The Riddler's Revenge, Viper, Batman The Ride...?

Psyclone? oops ;)

So did you only ride 4 coasters because the lines were 3 hours long, or did you leave early, or what?

That was not as long as a lot of "short" trip reports I have read.

...And how am I supposed to see the pics on your MySpace page when you have it set to private? *** Edited 4/28/2007 3:52:24 AM UTC by dexter***

Audioslaved said:

My friend came into the line with us and he was freaking out because we were waiting for the front. My friend threw up all over the line but it was right on the side of the railing. The people behind us stepped in it and didnt realize.

Nice of you to be considerate and tell them.

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Funny that you were there today, because I was as well. I was also there yesterday. I must say, I was very impressed with SFMM. Yesterday, it was a thursday, dead indeed, but every single ride was open, most with more than 1 train! There were almost no lines. The atmosphere was nice, I liked ninjas new paint job and the employees seemed happy. The only rides I did not get on were scream or goliath, because my gf was not feeling that well. but even X had 2 train operation and was very nice.

Overall, I was pleased with my 2 day visit and will be back in possibly june.

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Yeah the reasons for only 4 coasters was Coachella music festival but, I will unblock my myspace page now that I have finished with uploading most of the pictures on it, but every line with the exception of Superman was walk on, but I have pictures of pretty much every coaster there.

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2 train operation on X? 2 train operation on Goliath with only approx. 25 people waiting in line? Get out!?
No seriously the park was extremely dead.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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