Six flags Magic Mountain 4-2-07

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Where do I start?

Was at the park at 9:30 ready to have a great day and had to wait a half hour for the park to open witch was great because the website quoted opening at 10:30.

We ran right for X and made the first car! second row it was the only coaster that I can say I loved and hated at the same time because of how rough it is and how fast it is.
Next we hit TATSU! this is almost as good as X there was only a one car wait (it was not yet 10:30) and we road the front row... On this ride there is really no advantage to the front row due to the fact you are laying down (face down)
After tatsu we decided on the Big Foot Rapids ride. This was a bad choice. The ride was another walk-on (it was about 10:30 we where making great time) and got drenched. My cellphone got ruiend because they would not hold on to it and there was about a foot and a half of water in our raft after the ride with everyone soaked!
Just past 10:30 the park started filling up so we got on the front row of Viaper! (no line for it hehe :P) we then road revolution wich was very rough and decided to take a break before leaved the Baja ridge.
Food: Panda Express (outside the entrance to X) very good only no subsitutions and at themepark prices a good sized mean and a soda for 10$ isnt a steal compaired to other things and considering a suvonier cup is 10$ (meal does not come with the suvonier cup)
We moved on to Ninja witch was closed till noon so onto Batman the ride. This has always been one of my favorit rides. This ride seems to be rougher than I remembered but all and all was still alot of fun.
Scream! I like this ride alot its small and compact but alot of fun. Six flags made a great desicion on having this ride because of its size and its really fun!
Colossis was next it was just past noon now and there where more people in the park still not packed though. We waited 3 trains (They where running 2 so it was going fast) and had alot of fun (we rode the left side if it matters to anyone last year I rode the right)
Just as we got to Goliath we looked up and saw one of the trains going up the lift hill it got slow at the top and just stopped. We waited 2-3 minutes with alot of people comming out the exit and moaning then 3 workers stood infront of the entrance and said ride was closed for an unspecified ammount of time so we moved on wait a minute... We road everything in the park besides Colossis and Ninja (Deja Vu was closed as was METRO and Freefall)
We walked around and took the Oriant Express to Ninja witch then was opened with a fair line. We waited 10 minutes and got on. This was a nice fun ride and had a new coat of paint witch made it look almost brand new. I love how the lift hill is at the end it makes it diffrent and it is great for kids if you take them.
We then did the rounds agine it was about 4 and and we rode everything twice besides Goliath (with was still closed) and X.
We desided on one last time on TATSU we where next in line when the train pulled in people got off we got on the car. The car did not go and the awnouser said rides not clear for launch. We where wondering what was going off. 20 minutes later they unloaded the whole train (the left side was going we where on teh right witch was not) and they let us get in line on the left side (the line splits 3/4ths of the way up) and had to wait in extra 30 minutes to ride but it was still fun.
Next we registarted our season passes and there was Flashback *has not run scinse 2004 season according to the worker taking photos and said her manager was talking about it gitting taken down refurbished and put back up with new trains* I hope it happens. It was only 5 oclock and even though the park did not close untill 10 we diceided it was a good day.

A tip I always try to remember is to take ziplock bags with me to parks if I plan to ride any water rides. That's saved my cell phone many a time...sorry to hear yours was ruined.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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It didn't. It was ruiend.
"My cellphone got ruiend because they would not hold on to it"

What if they held your cell phone and someone stole it?

I betcha you'd still be blaming it on them :)

I always leave my cell in the car. I wonder why people have to bring one into the park. I mean unless your a doctor or something, who is that important that you would need to call while you are in a park. If you need to call someone that bad you can just go out to your car. The thing I hate is they always cause problems like someone making a call on the lifthill and they shut the ride down to get the phone or they fly off and hit something that messes up the ride. Beleave me I have seen it happen on Kingda Ka a couple of times. I think if that happens you should be liable to repairs. If I ran a park they would not be allowed period. What did people do at parks before cellphones?
I brought my cell phone because I was supposed to call my mom when we ate our final meal and possably meet up somewhere after our trip.

A locker is probably cheaper than a new phone-Even at SF prices.

I've never had a problem using a ziplock bag for a phone.

"Heavily medicated for your safety!"

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