Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2/1/09, The best day I have ever had at SFMM

Monday, February 2, 2009 3:37 AM

Last March, I got on 41 total rides and today I got on 37. But overall I consider today to be my best day ever because last March, X2 (my favorite) was being remodeled and Riddler (my 3rd favorite) was broke down. When considering the fact that I got on X2, 3 times today, and was still able to go on almost every other coaster 2-5 times each, I think today was better.

Deja Vu was closed, which I already knew, and I skipped Superman: TE because the line was very long, and every other line was short. Today was also the first time I have got on X2 more than twice in one day, since the remodel.

Park hours were 10:30-7. I got there at 10:15. There were only 5 cars at the parking booths. The first indication the park would be near empty. I went to get my free flash passes first, like I always do. There were two girls in front of me in line who I think also had Xtreme Play Passes. I had my pass in my hand while in line. When I went up to the counter, I was about to hand the clerk my pass, when she pulled out a strip of flash passes and handed them to me. She said "I saw that you had a pass so I printed your flash passes with the last order so you wouldn't have to wait." I had only been in the park for 5 mins., without even going on a ride yet, and already off to a great start.

Here's the rest of the day in the order I did it:

X2: rode once, 30 min. line, great start to the day

Viper: twice, 5 mins and walk on

Revolution: walk on twice, ride op thanked me for pulling down restraints on the seat next to me.

Tatsu: line was long, but I was able to walk on twice with flash passes.

Viper: walked onto front row, sort of. Could have walked on anyway, but when I got in line for 2nd row, there were five people waiting for the front. The guy at the front of the line was a single rider and the other 4 people let me skip ahead and take the other seat.

Goliath: walk on twice, only had to switch rows

Scream: walk on 3 times, only switched rows.

Colossus: twice, 5 mins then walk on. At the end one of the ride ops stood by the exit and said "Thank you for riding Colossus and have a magical day here at Six Flags."

Batman: TR: twice, 5 mins. both times

Riddler's Revenge: twice, 5 mins. both times.

Goldrusher: walk on twice

Ninja: 5 mins

Revolution: twice, walked onto front row both times

Viper: twice

Tatsu: 15 mins. No flash pass, since the line was so short it didn't reach passed the flash pass entrance.

X2: twice, 15 mins and 20 mins. The shortest lines I have seen since the remodel.

Goliath: walk on twice. Waited for row 3, but the next train had a single rider in front row. The people ahead of me let me skip ahead and take the empty seat. Then I moved back to the middle of the train and went again.

Scream: walk on twice. 2nd row the first time then the 4 people in the front left. Only 2 people got onto front row so I took one of the other seats.

Batman: TR: twice, walked onto front row twice, only had to change seats.

Riddler's Revenge: walked on twice, without changing seats. Got there 5 mins. before the park closed.

Totals for the day: X2, 3 times, Viper-5, Revolution-4, Tatsu-3, Goliath-4, Colossus-2, Scream-5, Batman-4, Riddler's Revenge-4, Goldrusher-2, Ninja-1

Monday, February 2, 2009 11:21 AM

Did you see Mamoosh there? Oh wait... Sorry, couldn't resist.

I love days like that, and I remember them well. I'm moving back to California this year, so I hope to have some more of them in my future.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2:24 AM

Yes, days like that are awesome. I hope you find some when you move back. You can't beat a day when you can get off one ride and be on another one within 5 mins.

No, I didn't see Mamoosh there. I can't imagine why. I thought he loved the place.

Monday, February 9, 2009 6:19 PM

I am totally envious. Love days like that as well. Though I am surprised that with days so empty as this one that they kept the park open even as long as they did. At Great Adventure, if the park is that empty, they tend to not follow the business hours and shut down early with no warning or postings on the 'net or anything. How long were you at the park to ride all that? I imagine it didn't take all that long....On a good day at Dorney, you can ride about 30 times in four hours or so...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 1:32 AM

I was there from opening to closing, 10:30-7:00. SFMM is very large and the rides are farther apart then at KBF, so it is pretty difficult to break the 35 mark, even with little or no lines. At KBF, I have done 30-35 in 4 hours many times. At SFMM, I always stay opening to closing, since I have to drive so much farther to get there. It is 65 miles compared to 11 for KBF. I have been to SFMM many times, over the last 25 years, when it was walk-onto almost every ride and have never had them close early. If I drove all the way there and they closed early, I would be pretty upset. It would also destroy my strategy of trying to pick days which won't be crowded.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009 12:06 PM

Free Flash Passes? How do you get those??

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 2:20 AM

They don't have them anymore. SFMM used to give them out to Xtreme Play Pass holders. You got one set per visit, but that was before they switched over to Q-bots. I will miss those 4 free flash passes I used to get on every visit.


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