Six Flags Magic Mountain 11/24/11

Hello all. This is my first TR. I've been reading this site for so long, I figured that it was about time that I joined. :)

So on the the Park.

Crowds were pretty low. The Holiday, and threat of rain kept a lot of people away. We arrived when the park opened at 10:30, met up with my friend who had already arrived, and went inside the park.

After a quick funnel cake stop, we dashed to Tatsu. About a 10 min wait. My second favorite ride in the world. My younger brother, and my friend, who had both never ridden the coaster, loved it. They especially praised the huge pretzel loop.

After Tatsu, we headed on over to Terminator,err, Apocalypse. Although there is no more Terminator branding, the pre show film is almost exactly the same. They do everything short of say the word "Terminator."But nevermind the queue, on to the ride! Entire wait took about 7or 8 min. Onto the back seat we went. Awesome woodie. One of my favorites. The only disappointment was the onboard audio has been removed. The speakers are gone, as well as that box that was on the final car.

Then we went up the hill, and up to Superman. The line for Superman, was sticking out of the Fortress of Solitude, in my opinion, its not worth the long wait. So instead we, took the few steps to Ninja. Again, another walk on. Grabbed the back seat, because that one swings the most. Ninja is just downright fun! Flying through the trees is a blast. Its the ride that got my brother into coasters a few years back.

On we went to Green Lantern. The line was quite a lot shorter than I anticipated, especially considering that it's only been open a few months. About a 30 min. wait. I just found the ride OK. Partly because its so short, partly because it's a headbanger, and partly because, IT SMASHED THE SCREEN ON MY PHONE! My phone was in my pocket, and i guess the restraint was resting on it. When we went upside down, it must have gotten smashed. If you going on this ride, please secure all your belongings. Just not in your front pocket.

After lunch, we met up with the rest of our group, and hit Goliath a few times. All in the back. Airtime galore!!

Following another quick run on Ninja, we jumped on Batman. No wait whatsoever. We rode 3 times. Its a great inverted coaster. Since there are about 30 of them all across America, i'll save you the commentary.

At this point it was getting late, so we knew we'd only have time for 1 more ride before we got in line for X2 just before all the rides closed down. I wanted to do Scream, but everyone else voted Riddler. So off to the Riddler's Revenge we went. Or as I like to call it "The Green Castration Machine."
It actually wasn't so bad this time. Again, no wait at all. The entire front row was open, just waiting for the four of us! I actually managed to adjust my seat properly, so it wasn't nearly as painful as I remember in rides past.

We had to run over to X2 to get in line before closing at 6. We got there just in time. About an hour wait. Totally worth it for my favorite ride! I love every single second of that ride. On my last visit, the onboard audio, and fire effects weren't working. I was pleased to see that they've been repaired since then. Even my friend had to admit that it was "extremely awesome."

Overall it was a great day. Despite the omission of Scream, and Superman. My buddy who was a Six Flags virgin, asked me to take him the next time I visit. Which will be soon, I reckon.

PS I almost forgot to mention that Deja Vu has been completely dismantled. Only a few support beams remain, and even those looked like they were being prepared to be shipped out.

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