Six Flags, Knotts or Universal Studios for this summer?

Hi, guys!

I'm planning a family trip to LA and we want to visit one or two amusement parks, which ones do you recommend? I've heard universal is the best.


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There is not nearly enough information in your post to make a solid recommendation. What is the composition of your family? Do you go open to close or take it slow and relax? Do you care about theme and story or just the biggest, fastest, tallest? Is drive time a concern? Lines? Are you willing to spring for FastPass or whatever? Do you like Harry Potter? etc.

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All of them.


I would say do Disneyland for the experience and theming. Please bare in mind that there are actually TWO separate Disney parks on that property - Magic Kingdom and California Adventure. Understand that you are under no obligation to visit both parks but if youre gonna do Disney, it would be recommended. For that, youd wanna buy a "Park Hopper" which is about $150 a person (Yes, you read that correctly). I do also believe that the price of park hoppers drops if you buy them in groups of 4 or more, but youd have to research that further.

Your other choice ? Well Im going with Magic Mountain. Some of the largest and most innovative coasters in the world reside in this park. Its not as pretty or well themed as Disney (or Knotts), but the park has lush landscaping in numerous areas. Be warned that due to its location there are some hills to overcome for some attractions (Superman: Escape From Krypton and Ninja). The upside to this park is that there are numerous varieties of coasters for everyone to enjoy. So if someone likes wooden, but not inverted? Not an issue. If someone prefers standard looping to 4th dimension? Youre all set. Also admission to SFMM is a bit cheaper than Disneyland and if youre lucky, I think Coca-Cola cans still gain you a discount, but again please research that on your own. I wish you and your family luck. Have fun.

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It depends. I'd say SF and Knott's would be better if you are a coaster person, but US is better for a fun day checking out themed rides and attractions. I don't think US has very many coasters.

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