Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom-June 30th 2009

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The second day of my Kentucky park swing had me ending up at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I was a bit mixed about going to this park. I've heard a bunch of mixed reviews about it. I went to Great Adventure last summer and I was impressed so I figured the park wouldn't be too bad. Only thing about the park to me is that it didn't offer anything to thrilling but it did have an Anton Shuttle Loop.

We left the hotel to cloudy skies. I was a bit disappointed in the forecast as I would be doing the water park later in the day. I arrived at the park an hour before opening. It was drizzling a bit so I waited until the skies cleared up to walk around the perimeter and take pictures. I thought the location of the park was kinda cool being surrounded and all. Only thing is that it leaves them a bit land locked for future expansion. I finished taking some pictures and I headed up to the front gate.

I got to the front gate with a decent sized line waiting to get into the park. I noticed most of the crowd were families with their swim apparel and bags. They do some sort of pep rally sort of thing before the gates open. The kids seemed to get all involved into it. The gates finally opened as the clouds finally broke allowing a nice sunny day.

I entered into the park and went left. Walked down the midway a bit and took a look at a crazy looking flat ride. It turned out to be a break dance. I never usually go to carnivals so it was my first time seeing one of these things. Kept walking and entered the Queue for Greezed Lightning.

I entered the queue and walked right into the station. I opted for the back row as I know these could be very forceful rides. Our train boarded and waited to be launched. I love the old style launch system, it's a cool thing to watch that pusher come up back behind the train. The horn sounded and we flew off. The loop was rather ridiculous. I rode laser the summer before but I'd have to say the forces were stronger than laser's loops. Only disappointment I had with the ride is that they braked us going back through the station which meant not much traveling up the back spike. I got off and rode again in the front. Overall, I liked the ride a lot. I preferred it in the back though.

I exited the Greezy area and crossed the bridge to the other side. I walked around the general area over there. Their water park looked really nice. I kept walking along the perimeter to where the old dragster cars used to be. There was no one walking around we were which was a bit eerie. It reminded me a bit of Geauga Lake at times. I eventually came to Thunder Run.

I'm not that big of a fan of Dinn and Sommers creations but I figured I'd give this a whirl as it had a decent looking layout. I walked right into the station to be greeted by friendly employees and an empty station where I opted for a front row ride. My friend and I had the whole train to ourselves as we were dispatched. The train crested the lift, we went around a turn and we began to run. The train went around the first rough turn and it crested a hill. I got something rather unexpected on that crest. I actually got airtime on a Dinn and Sommers coaster. The train maneuvered through the course twisting, turning, and gave a bit more air. We arrived back into an empty station where I asked if I could go again. They let us have another ride which was a bit more enjoyable the second time with a few more bodies in the train. Overall, I was very impressed with this coaster minus the first turn after the drop.

Next on the agenda for riding was the coaster I feared most to ride. Not because of height or the inversions, but just because of the sheer pain this ride is supposed to deal out. Yes, I had to ride T2. I queued up for the front as I figured it had to be the best row that tracks. I waited for three trains until I braved this big waste of steel. It was finally time as we started down the drop. You know, I've never been on a steel coaster that has ever shuffled or started to jack hammer. T2 did both. Even on the straight sections the train kept shuffling and jack hammering. The ride finally ended. I've concluded that if the park is going to take down the twins, they need to take down T2 with them as well. T2 wouldn't be missed at all. T2 made mean streak look glass smooth. If you haven't gathered my opinion on this ride, I'm just gonna say i hate it and wish to never, ever, go on it again.

After my terrible T2 experience I headed over to Chang. I was a bit mixed on Chang before I rode it. Only other standup I've ever rode is Mantis and I don't really like Mantis. I opted for the second row and boarded. I still think the standup concept was an odd concept. Even the B&M trains are not really comfortable. The train began to drop and we went through the loop. Surprisingly, The loop was very enjoyable. We continued through the course where it began to get more intense but nothing too bad. Overall, it was an alright ride. Although not good enough for me to ride again.

I ran back to the car to grab my towel as it was water park time. I got a locker for fifteen dollars. Jumped into my swimming suit and started our water park excursion. I walked around a little trying to figure out what to do first. I figured a slide in the older looking slide complex sounded good. I went down an orange slide which gave a good ride with a lot of pops of air.

I went to their tornado next. The wait wasn't too long. I rode with my friend in a two seater. We didn't get too high but we still got a good ride. We then opted to hit the Mega Wedgie. I've never been on one of these before so it was a new experience. It was kinda boring. we just went around in a circle about splashed out. Next up was the water coaster.

We waited about fifteen minutes for Deluge. This ride was another first for me. I've never been on a water coaster before. I sat in the back while my friend sat towards the front. The course began as the raft went over the first drop. I was getting some serious airtime on this ride. The water curtains added a nice touch to the experience. Overall, it was a very fun ride and probably the best ride in the park.

I did the wave pool for a bit and hopped into the lazy river. I was getting a bit hungry and decided to eat at this BBQ and burger place. Overall I think it was twelve dollars for a 24 oz pop, a decent sized burger and fries. The food quality was great with rather generous portions. I think it was worth the price.

After lunch I walked around a bit. It was picture taking time and I rode the vekoma ferris wheel. Got a few re-rides in and did the motion simulator which was rather tame but enjoyable. It was playing the Hanna Barbera program. I rode the mouse and my friend did another ride on Greezed Lightning. After those rides I left and continued the trip onto Santa Claus, Indiana for the next and final stop of the trip at Holiday World.

Overall, I was really impressed with the park. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm anxious to see what's gonna happen with the closed section of the park.

Some random notes.
-The staff was very nice and friendly. There was only one instance of an employee goofing off but he was reprimanded by his superiors.
-Why does this park get such a bad rap? Is it just because it's a Six Flags park and not a Cedar Fair park?

As before, pictures in the sig. My Amusement Park Photos.
Did they let you take your flux capacitor on the rides with you?
I actually didn't have any issues with loose articles as they had bins to put your belongings in.

These trip reports were part of a trip I took a month ago that I haven't had the time to write. My Amusement Park Photos.
I don't know which is funnier... the flux capacitor joke, or the fact that it flew completely over Nel's head. :)
^Im thinking both.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Oh man, am I stupid.

You guys are just jealous of my time traveling DeLorean. My Amusement Park Photos.
^Yeah, so when you visited the park, who was president? :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Why does this park get such a bad rap? The coasters aren't that great, and than you just have a waterpark. There aren't that many good flats at this park, and they took out Chaos which was the only great one in my opinion.

Your favorite ride was a new addition, and not even a roller coaster even though it's meant to simulate it.

Get Ready. Get Set. Spinout! Six Flags America: The Park that is Full of Disappointments
^To some people the park has a bad rep, but during my visit last year, the park was kept up well, clean, had nice landscaping, and maintained a nice family atmosphere. One of the biggest complaints of the park is safety concerns due to the S:TOP incident which I can understand but I have to believe safety procedures have been updated and much closely monitored since last year. *** Edited 7/23/2008 11:33:04 PM UTC by arw84***

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