Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Fright Fest

Monday, October 20, 2003 4:23 PM
Has anyone been this year or in past years. Can you tell me what it is or was like. I'm going this saturday. I have a sesaon pass. Because I wouldn't pay that much to get into Kentucky Kingdom.


Monday, October 20, 2003 6:49 PM
I went last Saturday. There are 3 haunted attractions that I think I remember the names of: Camp Horror (a haunted trail through the woods), Insane Asylum (a $3 upcharge indoor walk thru), and the Black Hole (another walk thru). The bumper cars (Road Rage Cage) have been enclosed and looked to be in the dark, but I didn't venture inside nor went to any of the other 3 haunted attractions. I was there for the coasters, other rides, and just to check out the Fright Fest vibe. The line for Camp Horror got really long from about 7 til 10 so you might want to hit that first. Also, Elvira has a Halloween show in the Thrill Park Theater (motion simulator).

Coasters: Get there early and hit the major coasters first as the lines got pretty long that night. Thunder Run is running fantastic! The front seat is out of this world, and a must ride at night in the dark. If you're an airtime whore like me you will love it. Greezed Lightnin' is running great too but shut down as night fell so hit that early. Chang is awesome in the front, and I was actually surprised at T2 in the front in the dark. I think I've finally learned the only way to ride a Vekoma SLC is in the front. Both Chang and T2 had a very out of control feel in the front in the dark. Twisted Twins was only running the Stella side which was a racing. I rode Stella's front and back and neither was particularly more exciting than the other. Road Runner Express is ok for the credit as is Roller Skater. The longest coaster lines were for Chang and T2. All coasters had one train operations. The true star of the park in my opinion is Thunder Run.
Nashville needs a theme park!


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