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Well yesterday i miraculously recovered from my week and a half sinus infection and after 65 days without riding a coaster (went to HW in between then but just did waterpark with friends) I was DYING to soar through the skies; so I forced my dad to go with me to SFKK for a couple hours since we didn't have anything to do till 4:30.

We arrived at the park about 12:15 and I was pretty excited to see all the new changes around the park. First of all, as soon as we walked in I saw Batman & Wonder Women greeting little kids and taking pictures with them, and all of the children walked away with their parents alll excited and right then I could tell it was going to be a great day......or was it? ;)

First ride was Helliv.....I mean STOP (Superman Tower of Power). Got in line with only about 10 people infront of me. The ride was running with a 16 passenger capacity today. We watched the cars go up...then drop down. It was our turn. One of the ride attendants began letting people in and asigning them to cars but then she stopped. STOP's pulley cars(?) wouldn't come down from the top of the tower. I was patient. In about 10 minutes the cars began to VERY,VERY slowly come down, inch by inch, and I was beginning to Grrrr...... They anounced the ride will be down for a while, so we left the line.

We went over to Road Runner (themed wild mouse). No line. so what the heck, gotta start the day off with something ;). Road Runner is actually a pretty fun ride, and the little girls infront of us were having a ball; going WHHEEE! WHEEEE! I'll give it a 6/10.

Now dad wanted to charge his cell so while he did that I went over to Greezed Lightnin'. I LOVE GL but unfortunately it was haveing some technical difficulties today :(. As soon as I opted for the back seat they stopped the ride and made everyone get or get back in line. They had to call the mechanics and have them push the train back so it would be lined up with the queues and set up in the launch position, which took about 5 minutes. I got into the train and then some kid followed and sat beside me. I guess he was about 13, so just a few years younger than me. We chatted for about 2 minutes about how scarred he was and I was saying, "don't worry its a great ride". Then his grandmother came over and starting yelling across the station. "I DONT THINK THIS IS SAFE! ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS!?" and then kid assured her he was okay. Poor kid ;), but hey, what are grandma's for? So finnally there was an all clear and everything started up. Then I heard the loud whining sound of the launch car and I began to count down. When I said "zero" suddenly I heard the weight started to drop but something hadn't released so we wer still sitting in the station hearing (AND FEELING) all these weird things, I was scarred, but the kid next to me was terrified! but after about 3 seconds we took off but I was still alittle nervous. We shot into the loop and the kid for some reason was waving his hands and was caught off gaurd. The kid's head was forced against my knee's! But we got through the loop and veered up into the sky.....the kid braced himself this time ;) as we went through the loop backwards (with no problems) zoomed through the station backwards and the brakes made a horrible sound, but I still raised my hands into the air to get the pop of airtime on the back spike. Back into the station with no problems. Everyone was excited and the kid next to me was smiling. Even though Mr. Shwarzkopf gave me quite a scare, I still love his coasters. I give Greezed Lightnin' an 8/10.

I was ready to cross the bridge over to Chang where I found a new train! This one had black resraints (opposed to the other one's yellow). Loading was very slow with about 5-6 minute interavals. Full trains waited in the blocks behind the station for about 3-4 minutes! That is terrible...... but I still enjoyed the ride. Gets an 8/10.

Next we ventured over to Thunder Run where I took the backseat....BAD CHOICE! It is rough back there! Defenitely ride in the front of the train on TR! I give my ride in the back seat a 5/10, bacause I still managed to get a load of airtime from the INCREDIBLE 3rd bunny hill!

It was nearing time to go so I headed back across the park to STOP for a ride. No line, hopped right on and got some good -g's. I love Intamin freefalls! 9/10.

That pretty much somes up my day/couple hours at SFKK. Over all I had a great time at the park. Everyone seemed to be having fun and alot of improvements had been made.

Other Notes:

  • Deluge looks AWESOME
  • Families all seemed to be having a great time
  • Characters everywhere
  • New signage
  • Employees excited about working
  • New paint everywhere (except for T2 which I hope is a sign that it MAY not be here much longer :))

I give my day a 9/10. Thanks to everyone at Six Flags for providing me a very fun visit!

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Thanks for the TR.

Still good things coming out of the SF parks. (fingers crossed :) )

I'm not saying it to be mean or an ass, But has the white trash nature of the guests changed? Last time I was at this park operations was the least of my problems. Are clean cut upper middle class families coming back? Or are coupon, Nasccar, klan meeting crowed still their main draw?

Thanks for the TR.

Wowza, dude!! Talk about a slam!!! But uhhh....I think the first thing you have to realize is it is "the 'Ville" and it is KY! (which being from Indiana isn't that much better, but at least Indy has a good transient population).

But nevertheless, my guess the answer to your question is no! I mean, based on demographics (and attendance) at parks I've been to this year like HW, Dollywood, etc., that class of people are going to other brake out your number 3 black-denim sleeveless vest, Lee jeans, and huntin' boots for this place!! *** Edited 6/8/2007 6:11:52 PM UTC by tigellinus***

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^Actually, umm, I wore khaki shorts and a polo with my white nike shocks. Not that I was offended or anything... ;) *** Edited 6/8/2007 6:33:49 PM UTC by DantheCoasterman***
I was offering advice to IndyAndrew to help him fit in!!...since he seemed so concerned and everything....btw, I grant you I am a coaster-masochist, but I love T2 and they better not remove it!!!
Nice TR! It's a shame Thunder Run is so rough now, I remember the good ol' days, oh and they won't remove T2. I don't know where indyandrew got the idea that SFKK's main draw was the "coupon, nascar, klan meeting" crowd, as most of Louisville isn't really like that. After working there most of guests I encountered were pleasant, nice, and respectful (- the teens). Although you will have idiots at any park. It doesn't surprise me though that those stereotypes about this area are still very prominent in this day and age. People that aren't from here are still shocked when they learn that Louisville is very savy in the Arts since they think we aren't sophisticated or smart enough because we're in KY, I really saw that when news broke about Louisville building one of the World's most unique skyscrapers. Sorry to rant, as I'm sure indyandrew didn't intentionally mean harm, it's just very unsettling to hear those comments. *** Edited 6/9/2007 12:15:55 AM UTC by mudinthevayne***

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I have encountered "rednecks" at every park I've ever visited lol. It's not confined to just the southern middle US. From New England to Cali, they come in all styles, forms, and fashion.

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What's worse...rednecks or yuppies? ;)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

thrillerman1 said:
I have encountered "rednecks" at every park I've ever visited lol. It's not confined to just the southern middle US. From New England to Cali, they come in all styles, forms, and fashion.

Keep in mind, the rednecks you see in California parks are tourists visiting from out of state. ;)

Haha oh riiiiiiight...of course. ;)

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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Hey I've never been to Cali But yeah I'm glad to see the park heading in the right direction. But what the heck are they doing over there beside thunder run where the path is blocked off?

I don't know if it means anything, but driving into the park over by Twisted Twins I saw a big Looney Tunes sign sitting on the ground under the coaster by itself. Am I to suspect that next year we will be receiving a Looney Tunes National Park or something along the lines of that?

Well there was supposed to be a ride or new section of rides going over where top eliminator dragsters was. I don't know if it is still there or not, but the last time I was at the park I think I saw a sign saying "please excuse our mess" on one of the fences that blocked the pathway.

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