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*=The astrix means the paragraphs. I tried to do paragraphs but it didn't work.

*We arrived at the park around 11:00am to a almost empyty parking lot.
*We decided to ride Hellavator first, it's line was at the entrance but none of the turnstiles were open. Ofcourse one of the sides was not operating. The line moved fairly quickly and when we were almost there it brokedown. The things that pull the cars up did not return. They started to come down very slowly and then they had to do a test run. We were then let on they checked our restrainsts but nothing happened. The ride operator kept on gowing around the tower pressing the buttons. I think the buttons tell the ride that that side is ready? It then started and then just above the breaks it just stopped. We sat for a minute and we were brought back up. They tried it again but we barley got above the tarp that circles the tower. When they brought us odown they told us it was down and we had to leave.
*After that we went to Roadrunner Express. It's line was also out to the sign but we were up to the ride in no time. They only had three or four cars running. The ride was good, I just hate all of those breaks, they are turned on so hard and they hurt.
*We then went to Greezed' Lightin' it had no wait. I really like this coaster and going backwards thourgh the loop is my favorite part. We rode this this coaster two times.
*We then rode the Enterprise, it isn't my favorite ride. I don't mind riding it everynow and then.
*We then went to the Thrill Park Theater to ride Stargate. I rode this once before and I did not like it. It is the only simulater that I have to close my eyes on.
*Before we crossed the bridge we rode the Rainbow, these rides are great for airtime if you don't want to ride a coaster.
*The next ride was Chang, it is my favorite stand up coaster. Today though it was a little rough and instead of my legs hurting it was my head.
*The Chaos was actually really fun, where I was riding by myself I flipped tons of times. They were only loading every other car, there were more than enogh people to fill up every car.
*T2 has never been as rough and jerky with me riding as it was today. I normally want to ride it more than once, but not today.
*Next was going to be Penguin Blizzard but it had a really long line. So we walked the trail to Twisted Twins that has nothing on it but pay per ride dragsters.
*Twisted Twins was great we rode the green one time and the pink twice. I don't remeber there names cause the sign that said them is gone. The pink side seems a lot faster and more fun.
*Mile High Falls was next and it was great. It get you soaked and is a lot better than Congo Falls at PKI. We rode it four times, three times we rode with theses guys that were trying to get people in the boat so we could have a full boat. The ride operators didn't make us go out of line and get back in it. On the fourth time it broke down and we got an exit pass.
*We used our exit pass on Thunder Run it's line was so long. Not only with it having one train, but now they check the seatbelts for the whole train. Then they check the bars, tis makes dispathing like 5 to 7 minutes long. We were really glad we got the exit pass and used it on this.
*After that we went to Hellavator and rode it twice, both rides were really good. After that we left it was like 9:30pm they were only open for another 30 minutes.
*We left fter a pretty good day at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, I still will take PKI over it anyday though.

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Jacob *** Edited 5/29/2005 9:03:36 PM UTC by Jacob Green***

I was there the same day and I noticed Chang was a little bit rough. Although the roughness it was amazing riding in the front row because of the unusual airtime that I thought wouldn't happen on
a stand-up coaster. *** Edited 5/30/2005 2:20:21 PM UTC by stlcoasterguy77***

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