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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 9:36 AM
$39.99 season passes have always been appealing to me, so when I decided to renew my SF pass this year, I knew of only one place to get get it. Kentucky Kingdom, the thrill park.

Kentucky Kingdom is a loooong way from my residence in Columbus Ohio, so we expected a long drive. Longer with construction. My 1989 Honda Accord has 132,000 miles on it and is in need of a tune-up, so I was a little iffy about taking it down there, not to mention it's incredibly loud due to the exhuast going out.

Arrow Guy , me and Arrows girlfriend, Rachael, ventured out way down to Louisville at 2:50pm on Saturday. They met me at my place of employment, and we left from there. The wind was horrible, and reasonable gas mileage was a rare thing.

We drooled as we pased Kings Island on 71 south. We could see Reptar over the bare trees, the extremey bright yellow and green ride blinded us as we drooled, We decided to take the outerbelt 275 east and go around Cinn., the only real construction was at 275... ironic, huh?

We arrived at the Park at 6:11, enough time to buy our passes, have them processed. We wanted to get a few rides in before the park closed at 8.

We went to the back of the park first, surprisingly, the dragsters are still there and operating, as opposed to other rumors.

Arrow Guy has never been able to get a ride on Stella, the Teal Twisted Sister, so when we saw her running, that was our first ride. Stella seemed to be running very slow, I had thought at one time that the two trains were timed, but it wasn't the case this time. We also took rides on Lola, who is running fantastic, and Thunder Run which has been re-tracked. It runs better than ever. I wish they could put on a transfer track and get a 2nd train.

We also took a last ride on Chang.

Chang is my least favorite coaster at the park, it is running a little rougher than last year. The coaster was running only one train, and they spent forever loading it. Six Flags still is far from loading coasters to peak capacity.
Chang now has had it exit redirected into the building that used to house the laser tag, it is now a store, giving you an annoying exit through retail feature. They must need more money!

That night we stayed at a Sleep In near the park. We had dinner at a Bob Evans, and I had an open faced roast beef with Mashed potatoes and Coleslaw which I highly recommend. We arrived at the park at 10:20 the next moring.

The park has made some changes since I last visited in the spring of last year. Obviously, Roadrunner Express is operating and there is a new kiddie train ride next to it, called Rio Grande Railroad. The RGR has its signage over the old Vampire sign, which I found funny. One other thing that I noticed was they were preparing the area next to the RRE for the skycoaster.

I talked with a Ride Supervisor (not a lemon chill guy) and asked how tall the skycoaster would be, he said 180 feet, then i asked how high the park limit was, he said 260', he was nice about it. I also asked about an expansion, and he said "We are looking to put in a new rollercoaster for next year"

Roadrunner is a Mouer Shone wild mouse ride, identical with the one in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The ride has tiered seating and nice pops of airtime. A back-seat ride is a must!

The breakdance has received some attention this year, the ride now has to be opened by the ride op. with a key-like stick, also, it no longer features a single bench to sit on, there are now in-between leg molds so you don't slide around.

T2 had its second train on the transfer, the ride still has its old restraints, but stil runs rougher than the other SLC's.

The rainbow had half of its boom removed, and the carriage is sitting behind Chang. The Huss carpets are famous for their motors being blown, it looks like it could be down for a good portion of the summer.

Some negative things happened, A small child squezed though the chain on the bumper cars and ran out onto the the floor while the ride was operating, fourtunatly, he was in an area where there were no cars.

Most of the rides ned paint jobs. Rollerskater and the wheel look horrible, I wish they would take more pride in their park.

I also noticed a fire-violation. The restrooms near the Roadrunner has doors which open inward, so if there were an emergency inside, people would be slammed up against the door trying to pull it open. They could get fined for this one.

The park had some Christian concerts on Sunday, Luna Halo, is a good rock band as well as Cadmans Call played as well. We stayed for about 2 songs of Luna's as we had a 3.5 hour trip before us.

Overall it was a good trip, gas prices could have been lower but what can you do. Will I ever go back? Sure, but I would like to see them grow up some more and fix their problems.

My overall grades:
Attendance: (low) A+
Ride op performance: C-
Rides open: B+ (water rides not operating and rainbow down)
weather A+
Satisfaction: A-
Food prices: C-
Cleaniness: A
Friendliness: A+

Good job Six Flags!
But you need to work on some stuff!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 11:50 AM
Good TR John. I'm still debating on whether I want to take the 2.5 hour trip next weekend, because...
1)not many coasters
2)by what I've heard, average to below avg. coasters
3)don't like spin and pukes

So, just a couple questions, how long does it take to go through the whole park and is there anything special that should be seen? How would you rate each coaster out of ten(or your ABCDF system) and are they reridable?

2)Roadrunner Express
3)Roller Skater
4)Thunder Road
5)Twisted Sisters-Lola
6)Twisted Sisters-Stella

Just is it worth it? I do need a pass for SFA, SFWoA, and SFGAm though. Hmmm. Still not sure. Can you help? Thanks so much!

-Koaster King
PKI-Kings Mills, Ohio-Wooden and Kiddie Coaster Capital of the World!
4/9/00-Newest Hyperbuzzer-200 posts! :)
You are the Weakest Link! Goodbye!!!
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 12:08 PM
You ask some pretty personal-based questions there, Coaster King, but I'll give it a shot.

First, depending on how many people are there (seeing this weekend is a holiday) and if you consider how many trains they have on each coaster, you may have a long wait or a short one. Chang has 2 trains, but rarely ever runs both at a time

T2 has two, but never runs the second train
Everything else has one train, except Roadrunner.

The park is not only coasters and flat rides, they have a drop tower, waterpark, go-carts, a giant wheel, a beautiful Vekoma Carousel, old time cars, a simulator and water rides. (the water rides don't open until memorial day)

Each coaster is in order of my favorite, with notes ...
I cannot really rate them out of ten.
It all depends on your preference.

LOLA... out of control!!!
Thunder Run.... Huge pops of airtime! Ride in the front!!!
Stella... more re-ridable than Lola, not as harsh.
Road Runner Express.. just plain fun
Roler Skater... smooth and refreshing
T2... An SLC that jolts ...ouch, but really no headbanging. Watch your loose articles!!!
Chang... A high intensity stand up, I can't ride it more than twice in a row.

Hope that helps.

Passes go up soon, call before you arrive, 1-800-screams
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Tuesday, April 10, 2001 12:26 PM
I went on Sunday and did the whole park (coasters) in less than two hours. When I called SFKK they told me crowds would be large because of the events but re-rides were a plenty on every coaster except Chang.

I'll throw in my .02 on what I thought of the coasters as well.

Roadrunner Express - the best mouse I have ridden so far. Nothing spectacular but fun nonetheless.

Chang. I think this is the best of the midwest B&M standups and I didn't find it that rough.

T2. They only run one car with a 14 per car capacity. This is the worst SLC I have ridden. Hopefully many more of these don't pop up.

Twisted Stella and Lola. I preferred the Green side a little. There is very little air to be found and this coaster is mostly about laterals. Unfotunatley the have Gerstlauer trains with those crappy lap bars which you bang into on the many laterals. I do like the ride and find it very re-rideable. Even though the coasters were dueling I hardly noticed the other train throughout the course.

Thunder Run - Like John said, sit in the front. The three hills after the drop and lateral provide excellent stand up air if not stapled. It seemed to be running a little slow on Sunday afternoon but this was my #1 coaster for a short time last year after multiple front row night rides.

Roller Skater - The better of the two Vekoma's in the park and not bad for a junior coaster.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001 2:48 PM
I got there when the Park opened and rode everything by 1:30. I was actually thinking that T2 was trying to eject me for the entire ride, Thunder Run was great but had problems fasting the seat belt, I really didn't see much of a difference between the Sisters, and Chang was great. Roadrunner Express was a pleasant surprise. I met John and Arrow Guy on the Pirate ship. I too was lured after a full day at PKI to make the Trip to Louisville just to get my Season Pass but found the park better than expected.

As heard on Amtrak 44: "If you look out the left side of the Train you will see the coasters of Cedar Point."
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 3:21 PM
All the Breakdances at Six Flags have been changed. All I could get out of a supervisor at SFA was that there was an accident in Europe that forced the change. There seems to be differences between the Breakdances also. The one at SFA is very aggressive while the one at SFGA is very tame.
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 4:45 PM
Great TR! I've wondered if I want to go for SFKK Invasion (ACE), but I have a few reasons for going.

1) Chang
2) Chang
3) Chang
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 5:42 PM
I had to squeeze the seatbelt together on Thunder Run also, since i am a big fella.

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