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I got there 10 minutes before opening, even though I thought I was going to be late. We watched the flag ceramony thing, then they played the it's Playtime theme. Every coaster was operating and it was very HOT, I even got a little burnt. Greezed Lighting' opened late, and Hellovator was closed almost all day. Thrill Park theater was closed, because there adding Stargate to it like other Six Flags parks.

Greezed Lighting'

The coaster was great as always, I rode it six times. Overall I have ridden it 56 times.


I rode it twice and it was pretty good, it's just it really hurts your leg sometimes.


Today it seemed to be running good not smooth but better than most rides. My second ride wasn't as good, it felt just like a normal SLC.

Twisted Twins

Only the green train Stella was running to day. I rode it twice, it was a good ride.

Thunder Run

This ride was great, I love the airtime you get on this ride. It didn't seem to be going normal spped though. The ride operator kept on saying "It's all good" when something would go wrong.

Roller Skater

A day hear wouldn't be complete ithout a ride on a kiddie. It looked like it got new paint this year.

Roadrunner Express

Liked this year and Loved it this time. It seemed to be going faster than last year and lest breaking.

Overall the park seems to be focusing on scenery. There's alot more plants than last year. I can't think of a better time to go than today in spring. I like this park but it made me really wish next Sunday would get here. For Kings Island for Season Pass Holders. This is my first trip report, so if any suggestions please tell me.



Good TR Jacob. Glad to hear that the Kingdom is doing some scenery work. I wonder what was up with Hellevator to not be open for so long? RS got a possible new paint job eh? Now if we could just get that same treatment on T2 and Change it'd be great! Can't wait to hit the park later on next week. I haven't been in 2 years and GL will be a new coaster for me so I'm pretty excited about that.

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