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Well, I must say that I LOVE this place. So here's how it went:

Tuesday, August 15th

We get in the car and take the 1 hr. drive to Gurnee Illinois and finally arrive at Six Flags Great America! We talk for a minute and set up our meeting spot to the front of the park (if we get lost, lol) and then head over to Superman: Ultimate Flight. I didn't quite feel like going on it (in other words, I chickened out -.-;) so while half of my family (and friends) went on that coaster, I went onto Ragin' Cajun. "I remember it being a little smoother and more fun last year... today it was kind of like hitting a wall at 40 MPH and turning REALLY fast" I told my dad and sister.

Once we met up at the exit of superman, we headed over to American Eagle - One of my FAVORITES! Last year I went onto it for the first time and didn't feel too well afterwards, but now I knew what I was expecting and it was sooo much fun!

After American Eagle, we headed over to Viper, my ALL TIME FAVORITE WOODIE EVER! Although I only got to go on it twice, I still had a great time. It's cool now because last year when you went up the lift hill, there was an abandoned parking lot nearby and now you can view all the water slides and pools at Hurricane Harbor! We didn't visit Hurricane Harbor, but it looks like loads of fun! I really hope to go there next year!

We also went on Logger's Run... the other track was running than the one last time (the one open last year was just a straight drop which doesn't get you very wet, but the one open this year was two bumps down the 60ft drop and you get hit by about 3 waves of water) we definately got wayyy more water than we bargained for.

Shivering, we walked over and took a relaxing ride on the train around the park. As we rode, my friend and I were trying to see through the fence to the ride graveyard - it was a bit of a tear jerker seeing Shockwave and Birdcage Ferris Wheel parts lying all over the place.

We had dinner at the Firehouse Pizza Palace (or something like that... there was pizza and firemen.)

Then was the moment of truth... Raging Bull. I was always too scared to go on it... my sister's friend told me, "Andrew, if you're too scared, just wait in line. I do it with my friends all the time and they usually go on." I DID wait in line and ALMOST went in the seat and sat down. But next year FOR SURE I WILL ride Raging Bull.

Then we rode Viper and Whizzer and then it was about 9:00 - we got to go on one more ride! I chose Viper while everyone else went on Raging Bull. My friend and I looked pretty funny in the picture of us on Viper!

I was so sad that the day was over - I just wanted to come back and do it ALL OVER AGAIN! Well, till next year!


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Glad to hear you had a great day. Hopefully next year you'll get to ride it.
Well, it wasn't exactly that I couldn't ride it... I was too... well... scared. :)
you can't be scared of Bull! You just gotta ride it. You'll love it. Did you go on Deja Vu?
Were V2 and Deja Vu open? I was there the next Wed. and both were down. Maybe next year.
Not Deja Vu because it was closed (as always) so was V2

Now I REALLY want to go on raging bull so bad for fright fest but none of my friends are going :(

^^Deja Vu is NOT always closed I have been on many many times this year.

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There's just something a bit funny about a coaster enthusiast being scared to ride a coaster. It's ok. You'll get over it. And when you do, nothing will hold you back. Getting the courage to ride Iron Wolf back in 1990 was my big challenge. I've been totally fearless ever since, except for those old, tipsy wild mice. Those still get me. :)

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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This is the type of trip report that tells us how we should be feeling after a day at a park. I had this same feeling when leaving SFGA this year for my first ever visit there. Its a great park.

Ride the Bull next year, you won't be dissapointed.
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