Six Flags Great America was survivor in Illinois amusement race

Posted Wednesday, June 26, 2002 4:51 AM | Contributed by Chitown

When Marriott opened Great America in Gurnee, north of Chicago, it had competition from an indoor amusement park in the area. Through its development and changes in ownership, Great America has benefited the city by creating jobs and a new tax base.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2002 5:04 AM
Great article but did Great America have 125 rides in 1976? I highly doubt that. Do they mean rides, shows, and attractions?


Wednesday, June 26, 2002 5:33 AM
Great article. Too bad this park isn't good enough for some people...

Down with the trims!

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 6:26 AM

So they still have until 12/03 to make this park complete....I wonder what will come of it.


The CPlaya 100--6 days, 9 parks, 47 coasters, 2037 miles and a winner.....LoCoSuMo.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 11:55 AM
OH MAN, i live in bolingbrook. You know how much i would love to have great america in my home town. old chicago is 2 miles from my house.
Wednesday, June 26, 2002 12:33 PM
"WAS" 2 miles from your house. ;)

""To be the man, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!, You got to beat the man""!!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2002 2:50 PM
LOL I'll be paying homage to OC Saturday while on a "kiddie park" rampage! Great article. I had no idea that movie was filmed there! It's also great to see what role my home park has played in that area's development and entertainment history. GA has always been my hoem away from home, and though many of my favorite attractions are gone, I am still just as thrilled to pass through those gates as I was 20 years ago. Amazing how much Gurnee has changed.
Brad Sherman
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Thursday, June 27, 2002 2:35 PM
Regarding the comment about SFGAm not being good enough...

Great America has been my home park for thirty years. I worked two seasons there during college and have had a season pass since I stopped working there. I think it's a great park and it will always be my home park.

That said, I am a little disappointed with the cutbacks made with the current ownership. Yes, we have new rides -- hardly a cutback. But hours have scaled back, games are opening late, and security is hardly visible in the park now (major concern).

I also visited SF Mid America this past weekend and was upset to find rides (Screamin Eagle and Mr. Freeze) running only one train for a busy Saturday. Also it seems as though painted themes in the Mr. Freeze interior queue were painted over in plain white. Not my regular park, but I was almost certain that the interior queue had more theming and is now just covered up.

Just hope these parks are maintained well. Always welcome new additions, but what's there has to be taken care of as well.


(btw -- anybody have a scoop re: Power Dive?)

Monday, July 1, 2002 10:05 PM
Although sometimes mentioned as Not-So-Great America in my circle of friends, (yes, it's my home park) it is a very good park with some noteable mismanagement issues. I just think cutting back the hours in a big chunk of days was a very bad decision considering this park is always crowded to the max and the 10 PM close was nice. I believe they should look into expanding hours on some days!

Millennium Force - Any other questions?

Wednesday, July 3, 2002 1:08 AM

Hey everyone;

If you want any info on Old Chicago I have a large section of my site devoted to it as I grew up almost next door to it and it was my home park. Just go to and go to the Old Chicago link.

Have Fun!

Paul B. Drabek


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