Six Flags Great America Trips this year

Good morning. I'm getting ready to make my first trip to Six Flags GA in quite a few years, and I haven't heard too much about the park recently. How are they with glasses, glasses straps, etc. I've heard mixed reviews of other Six Flags parks in this regards, and am wondering what my best option is. Also, how are operations this year?

I was just there last Thursday and i wear glasses and had no problems at all on any ride and no one said anything about a strap. If you are a pass holder you can get early entry, but either way head right to goliath and don't use the single rider line because they have no clue how to run it. Also stay away from the blue side on american eagle their racing woodie because it is running with double rides so the line moves really slow.Don't miss whizzer it is such a unique ride.

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