Six Flags Great America seeks zoning variance for Chang roller coaster

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Six Flags Great America officials are expected to appear before the Gurnee village board Monday night to get the necessary approval to erect a roller coaster that features two hills topping a village-imposed 125-foot height restriction. Documents show it is a stand-up coaster that was at one time operating at another Six Flags theme park.

Read more from The Daily Herald.

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Heh. They used my photo and credited instead of


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I think you should sue.

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Hmm...I don't see a picture when I pull up the article.

I suppose this is nitpicky, but I'm pretty sure SFGAm had to request a variance when they built Deja Vu and V2...


Nice find Nate! Didn't even think about it until your comment, but you are spot on!


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^^ Yes SFGAm had to get a variance for Deja Vu and V2. I remember when they requested that variance.

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For some reason, SFDK didn't need a variance when they built their V2... ;)

Big win for us, probably quite the expense for the park... :)

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They should call it Banshee.

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...Strange. There was a late update to this story on the Daily Herald website last night saying that now Six Flags is not on the agenda for Monday night as originally planned.

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The updated Daily Herald story. The latest rumors are saying Chang is now head to Great Adventure as a replacement for Great American Scream Machine.

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That kind of makes sense, seeing that SFGAm got rid of their big Arrow looper, and replaced it with a B&M. SFGAdv doesn't have a stand-up anymore either.

But my new rule here is that I won't support any rumor or myth unless I know for sure.

I hope it's true, but it would be a shame to lose GASM, especially with it running a lot better this year. Maybe they could demolish Old Country since it's been SBNO and who knows when it will open again if at all, relocate the bumper cars and Music Express and put it there (I'd rather see Old Country stay with new flats but I don't see that happening anytime soon). Almost anyone under 30 would probably not even know the park had Shockwave from 1990 to 1992 so it would be a new coaster type for a lot of people in the area.

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Perhaps Weber saw things differently than Shapiro and changed the ride's destination?

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I'd settle for a trade. :) Chang for GASM. I miss Shockwave.

Certain victory.

Gets a big boo from me. Hopefully we get something in its place. Here's hoping for a new Floorless or a full circuit launched coaster.

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I might inclined to take Nitro for the trade if we can shoe horn it in. Then we would have Raging Bull and Nitro. LOL!

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Here's an idea. Dismantle Iron Wolf, and build Chang at Great America, and move Iron Wolf to Great adventure. It's a smaller coaster, and they could probably add it to Great Adventure with having to relocate scream machine.

I don't think having Chang, and Iron wolf in the same park, was that great of an idea anyways. Unless of course, chang was converted to a sit down. Might make it a better ride.

YoshiFan said:
I hope it's true, but it would be a shame to lose GASM, especially with it running a lot better this year.

If it's running a lot better this year then I would definatly hate to ride it in the past years. It was one of the worst head bangers I have ever ridden, and really didn't enjoy it. It's like they tried to get in as many inversions as they could without worrying about the rest of the ride.

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@Degado, I checked your profile to see how old you are too young to remember that yes, that's how Arrow did things back in the day :) They were quite succesful!

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For the record, GASM is better than Shockwave (and I liked Shockwave, R.I.P.).

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