Six Flags Great America Opening Day

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Saturday, May 5, 2001 7:13 PM
We(SFGA2001 & I) arrived at the park at 9:45am. They still had the chain blocking you from all the rides, but we just had to wait 5minutes till they opened them. Then we were off. B:TR front row was our first ride. We rode it 3 more times and we went to Iron Wolf. We rode first row then back and second to last row all these times were in the rain too. After that we went to the Bull. We waited 30minutes for it and rode 2nd row. We then did seat filling for 2 more rides. Next we were off to Viper. We got 2 good rides in and we went to Demon. Then we went to Shockwave for 2 quick rides . Next we went on Whizzer. After that we went to American Eagle which IMO was much better than last year. We were back off to Southwest Territory where we went on Giant Drop and then Raging Bull again. After 3 rides on Bull we went to iper for 2 rides. Once again we got in line for Raging Bull where I rode 4 times and SFGA2001 only rode 2 times and that's when I got lost. I got off after my 4th ride and seeing he wasn't there I walked over to Giant Drop where I waited for 10 minutes, but it didn't seem that the line was moving so I ditched that and went to go look for SFGA2001. I finally found him, but the park was closing so we left. All and all it wasn't a bad day and I can't wait to go back.

Total # of rides:
Raging Bull=9
Spacely's Sprocket Rockets=1
American Eagle=1
Iron Wolf=3
Batman:The Ride=4

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