Six Flags Great America Opening Day!

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Sunday, May 6, 2001 5:01 AM
Ragingbull2001 and I got to Great America at 9:45. We sprinted to Batman. Second train of the year, front row. Wow. What a way to start the season. Then we did seat filling for 3 more rides. Then we went to Iron Wolf. We went on front row. My ears! Then we went on the back row and second to back row. Good in the back, bad in the front. Then we went on Raging Bull and seat filled twice. Then we hit Viper for 2 rides. Then we went on Demon once. Demon's line was longer than it usually is, so we only went on it once. Then we went on Giant Drop. After that, we went on Shockwave. Great ride, a little rough. Went on that 3 times. My friend then got me on Power Dive. What's with those restraints? The OTSR's are so heavy and they hurt! That ride was not fun. After Power Dive we went on The Whizzer. Fun ride. Then we went on American Eagle. They had no brakes on, except for the end. Wow! I hope they keep it like that. Awesome airtim on that. After that, we went over to Viper again. Got 3 rides on it. Then we went to Raging Bull. Waited 60 minutes for one ride. The crew in tat time period was pretty bad for Raging Bull. Usually it has the best crew. After that, I went on Giant Drop again. Then I got back in line for Raging Bull. 2 rides. 1 was n the back row. I got 2 rides on the back row of Raging Bull yesterday, and it is so much fun. Going down the drop you are hurled outta your seat. Great ride. After that I went on Shockwave once and then it was time to go. A near perfect day, and a great way to start the season.
Bull rides: 6
Viper rides: 5

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