Six Flags Great America Loose Article Policy

We are planning a trip to Six Flags Great America shortly, and I am curious as to the current "vibe" on loose articles. Six Flags has not been know for being consistent, and reading their official website results in, lets say, extreme confusion:
"Loose articles are not permitted on all rides and attractions (with the exception of Columbia Carousel, Great America Scenic Railway, JUSTICE LEAGUE: Battle for Metropolis, and Sky Trek Tower) and should be left with non-riders or secured in lockers. Loose articles of any kind (including but not limited to purses, backpacks, beverage containers, cell phones and keys) may not be taken past the queue entrance and cannot be left on the load/unload platform.

Loose articles for the balance of rides such as cell phones, keys, or other small items must be secured in cargo pockets, zippered pockets (or article bins if you have them on the ride platforms). All loose articles which cannot be secured must be locked in a locker, or left with a non-rider prior to entering the queue line."

Can anyone who goes there clarify this gibberish? I know the last time I was there most of the coasters had bins for loose articles (or, at least the ones we rode).

That's left over from the 2008 locker policy, which is still enforced at some Six Flags parks.

However, in my experience, Great America has long since given up enforcing these policies. They've even gotten rid of many of the lockers they installed by the rides. Most every coaster has bins and you shouldn't be given any trouble with loose articles.

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