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This was my 4th return to the park. I made a short coaster trip to Great America non stop driving. I left Minnesota around 2:00am and got to Gurnee around 10:30am. Crowds werent to busy on Sunday.

Deja Vu 8/10

The very first thing I did was headed towards Deja Vu knowing it would probably be open or closed all day which it was. Deja Vu was open for a while and down occationaly through out the day. I waited about 15minutes for the first ride. 3laps on Deja Vu.

V2 Vertical Velocity 10/10

Next up headed towards V2 Vertical Velocity also knowing it maybe closed. But I was surprized it was running all day. Did a total of 4laps. First in the front a couple in the middle and the back. I like the front the most. V2 by far is one of my favorites.

Batman The Ride 10/10

I love the Batman rides at Six Flags. Very short, smooth, nice drop, fast intense. 4laps.

Iron Wolf 8/10

Very Short, smooth nothing to much exciting about Iron Wolf. 3laps.

American Eagle 9/10

Red was closed all day. I did a total of 4laps on the backwards. Going backwards on American Eagle was a different experince. This was my first time doing this. Has a very nice strong helix just whish they would turn off the brakes before going down it. I did find some air time going backwards.10 minute wait times.

Demon 7/10 Just your typical arrow type of corkscrew. Nothing to exciting about this ride. 2laps.

Whizzer 8/10 Waited about 30minutes to ride it. Glad to see it open .

Shockwave: Probably the most dissapointing thing during the day. It was closed all day long bummer ;).

Viper 10/10

I love Viper defently one of my favorite wooden coasters. Lots of air time and nice helix's. 5laps.

Raiging Bull 10/10

This is by far one of my favorite hypers. This was the longest wait for the day. Waited about an hour before they finaly put the 3rd train on. Very smooth ride and the seats are comfy :). 3laps.

All in all I enjoy coming out to Six Flags Great America. Two thumbs up this time :)! Crowds werent to bad for a Sunday it didnt even seem that busy. I also bought a Six Flags 2003 season pass there so it's a gurantee I will make my 5th return to the park next season :)!

This is my final trip report. 2003 will even be a better year now that I'm a season pass holder for Six Flags :)!

Thanks for reading.

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Geez... I was there yesterday too, and all I have to ask is how you managed to ride everything you did, and as many times as you did? The lines were not outrageous yesterday, but they were NOT uncrowded... An hour for Bull? Once, and that's enough for me. Great ride, but I'm not someone who likes to wait that long for anything.

- Matt, who's impatience caused him to leave the park after 3 hours and 3 rides.

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I don't know what kind of crowds you are used to but Sunday was as crowded as I've seen on any of my visits during the past 2 years. But then I avoid weekends as much as possible. The Batman line was in the overflow queue before the Gotham City park. I haven't seen that in years. By noon, DV line was extended down the midway in front of Demon. Speaking of Demon, waited 20 minutes for what is always a walk-on into the station. 50 minutes for Whizzer. Ugh. Left before 5:00 - couldn't stomach the thought of one more hot, sweaty, long line.

And I rode the red side (forward) on AE twice (10 min wait each time), once before noon, the other about 3:00.

You want bad for Batman? I've seen it back to the Cajun Cliffhanger entrance. That is pure insanity there. I forget how long I waited, but I do remember I've never seen it like that since. The horrible, horrible, horrible queue management at the top of the two sets of stairs doesn't help.

And yes, AE: Red was open yesterday (at least some of the day), and I even saw the two sides 'racing' a few times, but there were also times when I didn't see red go for a while.

"Well, I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under such heavy sedation." - David St. Hubbins, Spinal Tap

The Beast said:I waited about 15minutes for the first ride. 3laps on Deja Vu.

If you got *3* lap on Deja Vu, you must have gotten there when it open and stayed till it closed?

I was also at Great America on 8/31 & 9/1. I actually thought the park was more crowded on Sunday.

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Yeah, I would like to know how you got three laps on Deja Vu too. I was there on Labor Day and the park was dead with walk ons to near walk ons for everything EXCEPT Deja Vu. I went over when I saw it was finally testing after the rain deluge that started the day and the line was already 3 hours long and I didnt see it shrink the entire day. If it was that busy on a dead day it had to be worse on a day when people were actually at the park one would think.

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Kick The Sky said:
the line was already 3 hours long and I didnt see it shrink the entire day.

Oh my, Bob. Well, you did the right thing by staying away on Saturday/Sunday. Deja Vu had a 2.5hr wait from 11am to 5:30, on both days. For what its worth, it did die down to about an hour or so, after 5:30.

That ride is awesome, but the loading procedures on that ride sucks, big time!

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I was also there on Sunday and thought the park was very busy. we made the mad dash to DeJaVue and were on the first reide of the day but after that the line was long all day as were most of the coasters after noon. Their attendance has to be up for the year as i never go on weekends and havent seen it as busy as it is this year. I hope with football starting that Sundays slow down!!

you have to be lying bc with a fastlane i got on

3 bull

3 deja vu

1 batman

1 ae backwards

1 demon

1 viper

2 v2

and i was there all of sunday and did nothing but wait in line all day

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